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good morning. from cold to colder. a new blast of arctic air rushing in. below zero in at least six states. and if you thought things would warm up by the weekend, think again. the search for gabriel. an arizona mother under arrest in florida in connection with the bizarre disappearance of her 8-month-old son. she won't tell police where he is but allegedly texted the boy's father she killed him. this morning, gabriel's dad speaks out in a live intervw. and balancing act. the president's top number crunchier, peter orszag, just
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announced his engagement. well, now more big news -- he recently fathered a baby with another woman. the details today, thursday, january 7th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. we're starting to sound a little bit like a broken record. bitter cold across a much as 70% of the nation, but today and tomorrow it's going to get even colder for a large chunk of this country. >> yeah, if you're in the midwest, you could see windchills as low as 50 degrees below today, not to mention heavy snow that will stretch into parts of the south. we're going to get to al's forecast and the outlook for the weekend in a moment. also ahead, are 911 operators getting enough training to deal with emergency situations? a "today" investigation has revealed what some consider to be a dangerous breakdown in our
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nation's emergency call system. plus, a recent photo of actor gerard butler's getting a lot of attention, some say for the wrong reason. let's just say he isn't in quite the shape he was for the movie "300." is his new look bringing a double standard in hollywood to light? we will get into that. but let's begin with the arctic chill sending temperatures from cold to colder across much of the nation. nbc's kevin tibbles is in chicago. good morning to you, kevin. >> reporter: hey, meredith. old man winter is definitely packing a wallop today. a lot of kids are going to be happy because they're going to be getting that early morning phone call. they're going to be having a lot of snow days across the midwest. they're expecting as much as a foot of snow here in the chicago area today. already out at o'hare airport, the major airlines have started canceling flights. as many as 200 flights have been canceled with american and united airlines, and they're actually advising customers that if you want to switch your flight, if you don't want to fly
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today, you can actually call ahead and get a voucher. they'll let you do that today withoutny special charge because of the extraordinary snow circumstances. it's not only here in chicago, meredith. in other par of the midwest, in southern illinois, the mighty mississippi frozen solid, if you can believe that. in nebraska, there's so much snow, they can't even see their way around the intersections there. and the windchills in the plains -- and it's going to get colder here in the chicago area and also parts of the midwest as soon as this snow goes away -- windchills down to as low as minus 50 with blowing winds. so, awful situations there. obviously, you've got to have safety precautions if you're planning on going outside today. then, of course, we get down into the florida region where they've got the citrus crop and the strawberries. millions of dollars worth of produce down there outside, and they're doing their best to keep that from freezing up and losing those crops. so, it's also very cold in that
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part of the country. and then, of course, at the miami zoo, it's cold there. the orangutans, well, they've brought out blankets and they're actually giving them a special tre treat, hot chocolate for the orangutans at the miami zoo. perhaps they could send a little bit up here to me and my crew up here in chicago, as well, meredith. >> i was going to say. >> reporter: and a special message to joe michaels this morning. >> i was going to say, kevin, if they can give theorangutans, you know, a little hot chocolate, they can certainly bring kevin in from the cold. >> repter: for sure! >> all right, kevin, thank you very much. stay warm. al roker back from a quick trip out to las vegas. he's upstairs with more on the forecast. al? >> matt and meredith, thanks so much. and look at these temperatures. it's 33 below. these are air temperatures. 33 below in harvard havra, montana, 7 below in fargo, and as we widen out, show you how much of the country is below normal, these are the afternoon highs. 10 below in havre, sioux falls,
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temperatures as far south as san antonio, 21 degrees below normal. here's the pattern that's affecting this. the jet stream has dipped down, allowed another chunk of cold, arctic air to break off and come down from canada. more cold coming down for florida. the only shot we see of finally a change is going to be monday. the jet stream finally changes. we get a high pressure ridge out west, moderating temperatures there, and the frigid air finally starts to break away, move out, and we'll finally start to see more moderate temperatures as we get into the middle of next week. but this weekend, no relief in sight. and that snow that kevin's dealing with, that's going to be making its way east and we'll be seeing it here on the east coast and the northeast later on tonight on into tomorrow. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much for that. we appreciate it. we'll get you the rest of your forecast in a while. now to new details about the attempted christmas day bombing of northwest airlines flight 253. we are now learning that u.s.
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border security officers were already planning to question the accused bomber when he landed in detroit. apparently, they had become worried about him after that plane took off from amsterdam. nbc's savannah guthrie's at the white house with more on this. savannah, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. senior aides say that would have been standard procedure for border and customs officials based on the suspect's appearance on that terror database, but obviously would have been too late to stop this plot. meanwhile, today the president's top terror adviser releases his report on what the president has called a potentially catastrophic screw-up by the u.s. government. one day after 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab was indicted for attempting to blow up a detroit-bound passenger jet, the president's top terror adviser will unveil his findings on how it happened, a detailed, unclassified outline of where the nation's intelligence system broke down. the president's national security adviser telling "usa today" this was a wake-up call.
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>> i think there's a certain shk to it in the sense that, you know, the man in the street will say, will be surprised that, you know, these correlations weren't made. >> reporter: meanwhile, on the political front, the president is dealing with a spate of democratic dropouts. incumbent senators chris dodd of connecticut, byron dorgan of north dakota and colorado governor bill ritter announcing on the same day they won't seek re-election. a press conference wednesday, dodd made the announcement official and emotional. >> i lost a beloved sister in july, and in august, ted kennedy. i battled cancer over the summer. and in the mid of all of this found myself in the toughest political shape of my career. >> reporter: so vulnerable was dodd, his retirement may be a blessing for democrats, clearing the way for a stronger democratic candidate to run. connecticut's popular attorney general already is in the race.
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but the loss of senator byron dorgan is a body blow to democrats, from solidly republican north dakota. even the longtime incumbent faced an uphill battle for re-election and his departure is likely to deprive democrats of their key 60-vote majority. >> i just want to do some other things in life and this seemed to be a good intersection to get off and do some other things. >> reporter: but 14 months after president obama swept democrats to huge victories in congress, to the string of retirements reflects fading fortunes for the party. >> the retirement scene is that the political environment is very unstable and i would say that for both parties. i think this is an anti-incumbent atmosphere at the moment. people are in a throw the bums out sort of mood. >> reporter: well, republicans face their own challenges. in addition to the two democratic retirements, there are six on the republican side, matt. >> savannah, thank you very much, savannah guthrie at the white house this morning. linda mcmahon is one of the five
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candidates vying for senator dodd's seat. mrs. mcmahon, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, matt. how are you? >> fine, thank you. we've heard the pundits weigh in on chris dodd's retirement and what they feel about it. when you heard the news as someone vying for that seat, was it good or bad news to you? >> it was not a big surprise, because i think the rumors had been pretty rampant over the last few weeks, and i was watching the poll numbers, too, on chris, and even though he was talking like he was going to be in the race, i wasn't totally surprised when he left the race. >> but in terms of your chances to win that seat, is it good news or bad news? >> well, i think certainly blumenthal is a tough candidate. he's a very popular attorney general in the state of connecticut, but you know, i'm out retail politics, i'm campaigning, touring the state, i'm talking to people, i'm hearing what they have to say. >> but are you worried youe now going to face an even more formidable opponent on the democratic side? because let's face it, chris dodd had been tainted over the last several years. >> it's going to be a tough race, for sure. >> you have reportedly already
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spent $5 million in this campaign so far, and it's early. what's it going to take? what kind of money would it take first to win the republican nomination? >> you know, i'm not sure, but i know i'm prepared to spend what it takes to win. i'm going to fund the campaign because i'm able to do that. i didn't want to take any special interest or p.a.c. money. so with the money i've earned, i'm investing and putting that money forward to win this race. >> you talk about the money you've earned and let me give voice to the critics for a moment, and you've heard this. the critics say you have little else that qualifies you for this job other than that substantial bank account. no experience, no elected office on your resume. how do you respond to that? >> i respond by saying what i bring to the table is 30 years of business experience. i'm not a career politician. what i have heard as i have traveled the state and listened to the citizens of connecticut is they want someone outside of the political arena. they want someone with real-life business experience. that's what i bring to the table. i've built a business, i've grown, i've created jobs and
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have a really, you know, have grown a business from the small family entrepreneurial business to now a global company traded on the new york stock exchange. >> if you win -- if you're lucky enough to win the republican nomination, then the fun part comes, because connecticut hasn't sent a republican to the u.s. senate since 1982. in 2008 in the presidential election, it went in the favor of barack obama by 30 points. it's seen as a solidly blue state, so how do you crack that? >> well, i'm just going to keep doing what i'm doing and listening to the voters of connecticut. they may very well send a democratic senator back to connecticut, but -- back to washington from connecticut -- but what they're saying to me is we want change, we want something new, and they're really sharing their frustrations. i'm hearing from small businesses all over connecticut, you know, that they are afraid of this economy. they want someone who seems to understand their plight and the fact that, you know, when vince and i first started our business, you know, we were bankrupt. we went bankrupt. we lost our home. we couldn't get any credit. so, know what that's like.
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and when i tell that story and i explain to people -- >> you think it resonates. >> -- i walked in your shoes, it does resonate. >> let me ask you to comment on something else. today, john brennan is going to issue a report on the intelligence lapses that led to that failed, but attempted bombing of northwest airlines flight 253 on christmas day. the people's confidence in the system has been shaken. what has to happen immediately, in your opinion, to restore that confidence? >> i think clearly we have to see the results. i mean, the president has to hold people accountable for those lapses. i'm anxious to see what the report is going to be and where they target those lapses, okay, and how are we going to fix that? is it our intelligence officers who are in the field, are they outside of this country, did the information get in here and not connect through the bureaus? and i think that's what we have to find out. i'm anxious to hear what they have to say. >> linda mcmahon. mrs. mcmahon, good to see you. thanks for your time. >> nice to see you, matt, thank you. >> 12 minutes after the hour.
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here's meredith. >> thank you. the white house budget director is making headlines, but it has nothing to do with government spending. his personal life is now front and center in the public eye. nbc's norah o'donnell is in washington with more for us. norah, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. simply put, this is an embarrassment for one of the president's top advisers and a member of his cabinet. >> the package will be deficit-neutral. >> reporter: peter orszag is the white house budget director, focused on policy. >> the budget that we are releasing this morning -- >> reporter: but now the personal life of the president's youngest cabinet member is in the public eye. the story broke in the "new york post" wednesday online, that the 41-year-old orszag fathered a child out of we did lock with shipping heiress clair melonas. the news forced orszag and his former girlfriend to put out a joint statement, saying "we were in a committed relationship until the spring of 2009. in november, claire gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. although we are no longer together, we are both thrilled
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she is happy and healthy." this comes just one week after the announcement that orszag was getting engaged to abc's biana goladriga. she broke the news on national television. >> congratulations to both of you. >> thank you. tall, dark and he can spell it. that's waner in my book. >> reporter: a source close to orszag says orszag and his pregnant girlfriend broke up before he met his current fiancee eight months ago at the white house correspondents dinner. orszag and his ex stress this is a personal and private matter. princeton educated with a stellar resumé, orszag is one of the president's top policy gurus. >> washington is the city of wonks and he was a very eligible wonk himself. he had a kind of nerdy, sexy washington appeal. rahm emanuel said that he made nerdy sexy. >> reporter: even barack obama has called him a propeller head
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and used him in his stand-up jokes. >> abc is planning a series called "dancing with the czars." tlc's got something called "jon j & kate plus peter orszag." >> reporter: orszag was divorced in 2005 and has two children already. as head of the office of management and budget, he is charged with drafting and selling the president's budget, which offers a blueprint of obama's top priority. >> does this have anything to do with his job? no, i don't think so. it makes you wonder how he manages to get everything done, but he clearly is very good at managing his time. >> and in fact, orszag has to unveil the president's budget blueprint next month right after the state of the union. meredith? >> all right, norah o'donnell, thank you very much. let's get a check of the rest of the top stories of the day. ann's standing by at the news desk with a look at that. ann? >> thanks a lot, meredith and matt. and good morning, everyby. we begin with al qaeda's claim of responsibility for last week's deadly attack on a cia outpost in afghanistan.
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the group said today that the attack was revenge for the deaths of a pakistan taliban leader killed by a missile from a u.s. drone and for the deaths of two al qaeda figures. seven cia employees died when a trusted informant ignited a suicide bomb last week. senator john mccain said this morning in afghanistan that the loss of the cia workers grieves us all. investigators say the american airlines jet that overshot a runway last month in jamaica touched down nearly halfway down the runway, well past its target. officials are still trying to determine if it was because of pilot error or mechanical problem. more than 90 people were hurt. baltimore mayor sheila dixon announced her resignation on wednesday after she was convicted of embezzlement. she also agreed to plead guilty to perjury in a deal reached with prosecutors. overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange again for us this morning. and melissa, you've got some news about gm. >> yes, ann, and this would be a major turn-around for general motors. the company's new ceo saying
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yesterday that the company is on track to post a profit this year. gm hasn't posted an annual profit in five years. on top of that, general motors says that it is committed to repaying about $7 billion in government loans by june. gm says that all this optimism comes from its december sales in which it saw a 2% increase in the four major brands it intends on keeping. ann. >> okay, melissa lee, thanks so much. and washington wizards guard gilbert arenas was suspended indefinitely without pay on wednesday by the nba after admitting that he brought guns into the wizards locker room and after he was photographed pointing his index finger as if they were guns at teammates. and the white house wants a clothing company to take down a billboard in new york's times square that shows president obama wearing one of its jackets during a visit to the great wall in china. the white house says it does not want the president's name and likeness used for commercial purposes. and from now on, the president has vowed to make his own clothes. it is now 7:17. let's now go back to matt, meredith and al. >> i saw that bill bard
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yesterd billboard yesterday, caught my attention. >> i work for them. >> although did we mention the name? >> no. >> we'll mention your name, al, back from vegas. >> thank you very much. and we've got this system working across the country, a low pressure area, and that's going to be causing some big problems. you can see the snow now from chicago on into ohio and parts of the northeast. to the south it's mostly going to be rain. it's a quick mover. that's good news. the biggest problem's going to be reinforcing lake-effect snow around the great lakes. snowfall amounts generally about anywhere from six to nine inches of snow throught chicago, milwaukee, some local areas there, but generally, we're looking at about three to six inches. as you move to the south, much, that snow heading our way late tonight. a clear start, it's cold, in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. it will stay that way until mid morning and this evening we'll
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warm up above 30 degrees. snow developing mid to late evening, moderate perhaps predawn tomorrow. total amounts one to two inches across northern virginia, maryland and the nearby suburbs. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. more than a dozen airline passengers created quite a stir during a cross country flight on wednesday, but this airline incident was all for a good cause. nbc's lee cowan explains. >> reporter: for all the uncomfortable news about air travel these days, this group of passengers actually seemed to enjoy it. true, chihuahuas don't worry much about leg room and airport security patdowns, but the reason these pups got the frequent flyer treatment, including stints in the cockpit, is because they're showing up too much in the in-flight movie. >> i'm an heiress. >> an heiress?
7:20 am
>> no, an heiress. >> reporter: chihuahuas have become victims of their own success, frotheir roles in hollywood movies -- >> hi, i'm al woods and this is breezier woods. >> reporter: to fast food tv ads -- >>o queero taco bell. >> reporter: chihuahuas almost seemed more of an accessory than a pet. and just like accessories, for their owners, they go out of style. >> they got them because they were trendy and cute, and then they realized, hey, this is work. >> reporter: deb campbell says there are more chihuahuas now sitting abandoned in san francisco animal shelters than almost any other breed. in fact, the numbers are high all over california. >> two weeks ago we had over 35 chihuahuas in this facility. >> reporter: so, deb had an idea. yep, small dogs are great for small apartments. and who has more of them than anywhere else? well, new york city. so, the idea of the chihuahua air-lift was born. >> we had these dogs in our shelter that don't get adopted, and on the east coast, people
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are just calling in droves wanting these dogs. >> reporter: since fedex wasn't an option, she called pet-friendly virgin america with her innovative but odd request. >> it's a little bit comical it was a little ridiculous, but it was fun. >> reporter: they jumped on the idea. and this isn't the only flight. several more tail-wagging trips will take chihuahuas eastbound in the coming months. >> they've already got a waiting list of people just from that flight who want to adopt the dogs. >> reporter: from homeless to high-flying jet-setters, life is finally looking up. for "today," lee cowannbc news, los angeles. and just ahead on a thursday morning, the nationwide search for arizona 8-month-old gabriel johnson. he was last seen with his mother in texas. now she's been arrested in florida but won't tell police where her son is. we'll talk to
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just ahead, a heartbreaking 911 call. >> he's pale! he's not breathing! what do i need to do? what do i need to do? what do i need to do? >> one mother's pain highlighting a glaring problem with the nation's emergency 911 system. >> after your local news.
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7:26 is your time now on this thursday january 7, 2010. we a following some breaking news this morning. a power line is down on the rock creek park way. let's get to jerry to see how it's affecting your traffic. >> the rock creek park way and all feeder roads remain blocked right now while authorities continue to deal with a high voltage power line over rock creek park way and caught fire. right now authorities are redirecting traffic. rock creek park way will be
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closed for some time to come. >> jerry, thank you. snow is heading our way, stay with us, tom's forecast is n d morning, clear and cold
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start to this morning. highs today in the upper 30s with increasing clouds. snow moving into the mountains of west virginia later on this afternoon and into the metro area late tonight ending midday friday to be followed by a very cold weekend. one to two everythings of snow around washington, northern
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virginia and maryland and a little bit more north and west. >> tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m., moldy problems in front loader washing machines. that's
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7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 7th of january 2010. we have a fabulous crowd outside. chilly, although not as chilly as the last couple of days. they are gracing us here in rockefeller plaza. everyone's smiling. could get snow by the end of the week. al will have more on that in a couple minutes. meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. just ahead, the disappearance of 8-month-old gabriel johnson. his mother has been arrested. his father says she texted him that their son was dead, but she won't tell police where that little boy is. we'll talk to the boy's father
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in a live interview in just a moment. also ahead, are 911 operators being trained properly to handle emergency calls? coming up, one mother's heartbreaking story and the findings of a startling "today" investigation. also ahead, on a much lighter note, movie star gerard butler burst onto the worldwide scene with his performance and perhaps his muscles, in the movie "300," but there is a new photo circulating of gerard butler, and i guess some would say it's a far cry from what he looked like in that movie. the question is, does it matter? and another question, does it highlight hollywood's double standard when it comes to body image? but we begin with the tragic disappearance of an 8-month-old arizona boy. her mother is under arrest in connection with the case. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: where is gabriel johnson? the 8-month-old boy was last seen with his mother, 23-year-old elizabeth johnson, in san antonio, texas, where she checked into two motels over the christmas holiday.
7:32 am
johnson sent a text message to the boy's father, logan mcqueary, saying that she killed the boy, causing mcqueary to call police. >> she put in the text, "i killed him." that's what she said. >> reporter: johnson was arrested last week in miami and refused to tell police where her son is. >> tell me where he's at. he doesn't need to go through all this. >> reporter: police located johnson's car back in san antonio and say they only found a baby seat a no sign of foul play. >> all we know at this point is that gabriel could be anywhere between san antonio and miami beach. >> reporter: johnson lost custody to mcqueary when she failed to appear at a court custody hearing in phoenix back on december 28th. in a telephone interview with our nbc affiliate, she says the text message saying she killed gabriel was simply to get back at mcqueary. >> that's the only thing i could say that would hurt him. i was emotionally a wreck. i was just completely out of my mind and just upset because he
7:33 am
just completely ruined my life and he pushed me to run away, and we're human. we make mistakes and we say things we don't mean and we don't realize that it can, you know, we can be held accountable for them. >> reporter: in that same interview, johnson claims she gave the child to strangers she met in a san antonio park. if so, it's not the first time she's done that. seven months ago, she gave gabriel to jack and tammy smith, whom she met at an airport in indianapolis. >> she had basically conveyed to us that she was at the end of her rope, whatever that rope was. i don't know -- you know, i don't even need to speculate at that point. we pieced things together. she had been unemployed. she was just getting pressure from boyfriend. >> reporter: for now, police are desperate for any information that will reunite little gabriel johnson with his father. >> we have a very concerned father that is asking for law enforcement assistance and the public's assistance to get his little boyback. >> reporter: for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles.
7:34 am
>> logan mcqueary is gabriel's father, and sergeant steve carbajal is with the tempe fire department. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> logan, i'm sorry what you're going through. how are you holding up through all this? >> the best i can. >> you know, your ex-girlfriend, when she sent you that text message saying that she had killed your little boy, what went through yr mind? >> i didn't want to believe it, scared. first thing, you know, i did was i called her and didn't want to believe it. i kept asking her if she did it or not, and she said yes, and i didn't know what to do, so i went straight to the police. >> logan, do you think that she is capable of doing something like that? >> she may be. i don't want to think that she
7:35 am
did it. i believe gabriel's alive and well. >> i know the last time that you saw gabriel is december 8th, and after that, she took off. she told you that she wanted to give up the baby for adoption to a couple in arizona that we just saw in that taped piece. you fought her on that. do you think that's why she took off with your son? >> you know, i'm not sure. we had both got shared custody, and she didn't want me to see him. >> do you believe that she may have given him to someone else, as she claims, a couple in san antonio, texas? >> i'm hoping she did and i'm hoping that they're taking care of him, and i'm hoping they come forward, and you know, if they, you know, don't want to get in trouble or anything, just drop him off at a hospital or fire station, any place. just do the right thing. >> sergeant, i understand that you do believe gabriel is alive. why? >> meredith, we're getting some indications, and it's not
7:36 am
compromising the investigation. we can't say specifically what those are, but we are very hopeful and we are getting information that gabriel is alive, and that's what's keeping us going in this investigation, is to return logan's baby boy to him. >> i understand you don't want to compromise the investigation, but can you give us any indication of what that information is? is it a spotty of the baby? >> well, we've received some statements, and some, as you guys have just mentioned, even by elizabeth, first indicating that she had harmed the child, now possibly indicating that the child has been given up for adoption. so, we have some information. again, can't release a wle lot at this point, but the one thing we want to make sure is there's been some information about adoptive parents and that sort of media. logan is gabriel's father legally and as assigned by the court, and our job and what we're working towards right now is to get gabriel back to him. >> i understand that at this point, elizabeth johnson is not cooperating with investigators. would it help her case to start
7:37 am
doing so? what kind of charges does she face? >> well, right now she has been placed under arrest on custodial interference warrant. but right now, what we're looking at, as logan said, we're looking at all parties the same. right now we're not worried about charges. we're not worried so much about prosecution as much as we're worried about getting gabriel back to his father. >> logan when you close your eyes and think of your son, what do you see? >> i just want to see him back here with me. >> well, we hope you get him back very, very soon. logan mcqueary, thank you so much. sergeant steve carbajal, thanks for all your work and good luck to you. >> thank you, meredith. >> thank you. and now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks, meredith. and we've had some rough weather down in texas, bitterly cold, and then you add to that a water main break in abilene and all of a sudden, the roads are ice-covered and people are slipping and sliding. but as we move further west and take a look on the satellite, show you what's happening, we've got clear skies right now. a big storm coming into the
7:38 am
pacific northwest, but that's not going to get there for another 24 hours. so, for the meantime, seattle looking partly sunny, 47 degrees. some clouds in medford, 54. sunshine in l.a. and 69 degrees. rest of the country, we've got that frontal system with a clipper comg across the eastern half of the u.s., bringing snow. sunshine along the eastern seaboard right now. that will give way to sw later tonight on it on into tomorrow most of the rejump clear this morning and we have cold temps, we're below freezing in the upper 20s to near 30, highs today in the 30s. by late this evening we'll have snow moderate before it ends on late morning on friday. one to two inches are possible. not as much around the bay in southern maryland b >> and if you want to keep track
7:39 am
of your weather all day long, check out the weather channel on cable or online. meredith? >> al, stthank you very much. and up next, are 911 operators ready forour call? "today" investigates what some say are dangerous problems in the nation's emergency system
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we are back now at 7:42. this morning on "today investigates," what some call a dangerous flaw in the nation's emergency 911 system. nbc's jeff rossen is here with the results of a three-month investigation. jeff, good morning to you. >> hey, matt, good morning to you. important story for everyone, but especially those of us who are parents. when you call 911, you assume the operator is well trained, that they can actually get you the help you need, but some safety officials now tell us the system you trust, the system we all depend on, may let you down when you need it most. october 2007. matthew cantrell was only 21 months old. his parents called him their little angel.
7:43 am
>> oh, give mama a hug. >> no more bad attitude out of you? >> reporter: these are the last pictures ever taken of matthew. two days later, tragedy. >> it was the most horrific thing i've ever seen in my life. i see the image in my mind all the time, and it's just -- it haunts me. >> reporter: when his mom, ava, wasn't looking, matthew wandered into the backyard and got his head tangled in the family's soccer net. by the time she found him, matthew was blue. she immediately called 911. >> please! please! >> murphy 911, what address is the emergency? >> my son choked! my son choked! >> ma'am, ma'am -- >> i was saying, "he's dying. he's dying," you know, i want you to help me. >> he's pale! he's not breathing. what do i need to do? what do i need to do? what do i need to do? he's, he's [ bleep ] all over himself. what do i need to do? what do i need to do?
7:44 am
>> ma'am, calm down, okay? stay on the phone with me. i'm going to get someone in route. do not hang up. >> i'm looking at my son, asking for help on the phone and there was absolutely nothing. there was just silence or "calm down." >> he's not breathing! what do i need to do? what do i need to do? i mean, i could do cpr or something! i just wanted him to give me some information, just help me. >> ms. cantrell, i need you to calm down so i can transfer you to east texas medical center, okay? >> reporter: in fact, for over four minutes, the entire call, the emergency dispatchers never gave her any medical advice, instead telling her to "calm down" 11 times. >> matthew, please don't leave me! >> reporter: matthew died three days later at the hospital. you wanted the operator to say do this, do that. >> if they would have prompt me, anything, i know he would have made it. i just know in my heart he would have made it. >> reporter: whether cpr instructions could have saved matthew is now part of a lawsuit. the cantrells are suing the city of murphy, texas, citing lack of
7:45 am
adequate hiring standards, training and supervision of its 911 operators. >> if you cannot be calm, you cannot do what else you need to be doing. >> reporter: james fisher is the city manager. is telling somebody to calm down 11 times and not giving them any medical information beyond that really the best way to handle this emergency? >> our dispatcher did the job that he was trained to do and he was trying to help her, trying to calm her down. at the same time, he's dispatching the ambulance, the fire engines and the police officers, monitoring that radio traffic, monitoring her conversation and trying to get her to calm down. >> reporter: was their 911 operator trained in cpr? >> i do not know that. >> reporter: he wasn't. >> okay. >> reporter: why wasn't your 911 operator trained in cpr? >> he's not required to be trained in cpr. >> reporter: in fact, none of murphy's operators received cpr training. >> 911. >> reporter: and our investigation found that's common. safety officials say there are alarming gaps in operator training nationwide. we found 18 states have no 911
7:46 am
training requirements at all. >> it's a major public safety threat. it's putting people's lives at risk every day. >> reporter: richard mirgon is president of the country's largest 911 dispatchers association. while some states require hairstylists, manicurists, even yoga instructors to be licensed, 911 operators in some states fly under the radar. no license needed. >> okay, what's the zip code, sir? >> reporter: industry insiders say dispatchers dealing with life-threatening emergencies are treated like receptionists and often paid less. >> there are communities in this country where 911 dispatchers are getting paid less than people at mcdonald's. >> reporter: that's frightening. >> that's very frightening. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and what you get, he says, are major mistakes. in detroit, when this 6-year-old called 911 to report his mother had collapsed, the operator scolded him for misbehaving. >> you shouldn't be playing on the phone. now put her on the phone before i send the police out there to knock on the door and you're going to be in trouble. >> ugh! >> reporter: in maryland, a 911
7:47 am
operator actually fell asleep during a call. >> hello? >> reporter: authorities say some call centers are so desperate for operators, they have to hire fast food workers, grocery store clerks, even ex-cons to handle your emergencies. >> people should care about this, because when it's not done right, people die. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: safety officials say it all comes down to money, your money. every phone bill you pay, there's a special 911 service fee that's supposed to support 911 operators, but according to this report to congress, in 2008, at least 12 states used that money for something else. >> in some cases, using them for roads and other administrative things throughout the organization unrelated to public safety. >> reporter: bottom line is these dispatchers aren't getting what they need, that's what you're saying. >> is that correct, and it is outrageous and something needs to be done about it >> reporter: we went to capitol hill for answers.
7:48 am
congresswoman eshoo. >> we need to be more stringent about those who would use or redirect the dollars. >> reporter: right now, the federal government has little control over the system. it's all state-run. 18 states have no training, no certification guidelines at all. doesn't that make the case that there needs to be some federal oversight here? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: so, what are you doing to fix this? well, we're going to ask for hearings that we address the inadequacies and where the shortcomings are. >> hey, baby. >> hello, beautiful. >> reporter: but the cantrells say any changes will come too late for them. >> kisses. >> reporter: and their baby boy, matthew. >> i don't feel safe. i would not feel safe if i had to call 911 again. i do not want another mother have to go through anything like this. >> officials in murphy, texas, deny any wrongdoing in this case and say cpr wouldn't have saved
7:49 am
matthew, but they have since changed their policy and now train all operators in cpr. the operator in this case was certified under texas guidelines, but experts now tell us that's just not enough. and until congress beefs up training, and especially funding nationwide, lives, matt, are at risk. >> if any story should prompt people to go out and learn cpr, learn about poisoning prevention and things like that, it's th one. it really is. >> no doubt. in fact, they say you should sit down with your family, your kids, tell them your address. you have to give the address to operators immediately so they have a chance of getting help to you. >> and keep your fingers crossed if you have to make that call. jeff, good job, thank you. still ahead, five things every woman should know how to do to make life a little bit easier. but first, these messages.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
just ahead, new developments in the casey anthony case. her attorney speaks out in a live interview. also, is there a double standard in hollywood when it comes to body image for men and women? the fallout over a photo of that man, gerard butler, after your local news and weather.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, it is now 8 -- 7:55 on january 10. two separate issues have shut down rock creek partway from calvert street toock creek park way. police found an injured person and that investigation just started. these two issues are causing big problems for commuters. let's get details from jerry edwards in the news4 traffic center. >> these pictures taken just a short time ago at 26th and pennsylvania northwest. the rock creek park way closed off at this hour because of police activity between calvert street and pennsylvania avenue, no access. now we have an additional problem. king bridge inbound, there's a
7:57 am
ton of police activity on the key bridge. but very little traffic is getting by leaving rosiland into georgetown. we're not sure if they're related or not,ut we' keep you updated. >> tom is talking abo
7:58 am
sunny and cold now,
7:59 am
temperatures around the region are in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. then get into the mid 30s by noon with increasing clouds and then going mostly cloudy with highs in the upper 30s. tonight light snow developing around the metro area earlier farther west and north. we'll have a period of more moderate snow predawn tomorrow before it all ends. by late morning, we ought to have as much as two inches or so around the metro area, a little bit less farther southnd east and across central and north central virginia, maybe two or three inches farther west and north. >> moldy problems in front
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, january 7th, 2010, final day for that manage any of the norway spruce across the street. our plaza crowd getting in their final glances before it comes down. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. just ahead in this half hour, the very latest in the casey anthony case. the florida mother is awaiting trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the trial is set to get under way, i believe around june is the trial date. and the woman leading her legal
8:01 am
team, andrea lyon, has never lost a death penalty case. we're going to talk to the so-called angel of death row in a moment. also ahead, on a much lighter note, have you seen this new photograph that's circulating of actor gerard butler? >> i've seen it on the "today" show this morning. >> he is the muscular star of the movie "300," appearing in this picture to be a little less muscular. i don't know what the big deal is, but some are saying it really highlights a double standard that men in hollywood are allowed to beef up a little bit while women in hollywood are criticized for that. is it true? >> i don't know. he's got bigger -- than i do. >> oh. >> he does. it's upsetting. >> i beg to differ. >> we could have gone all day without hearing that. just saying. >> it's true. speaking of debates, does your man sport a man bag? they seem to be all the rage these days, but are they really necessary or are they just darn wrong? >> well, is that a man bag or is that like a briefcase there? >> that's the question. >> when you strap it around you, it becomes a man bag, right?
8:02 am
>> we'll get into the debate in a little bit. >> what's appropriate and what's not? >> exactly. >> it's not him -- >> hey, roughy boy! hello, ball. >> all right. first, let's get a check of the morning's stories from ann curry. >> all right, thanks a lot, you guys. good morning once again, everybody. in the news, today the president is to reveal the most detailed account yet of how a suspected terrorist nearly brought down a u.s. jetliner on christmas day. the details are from a report he ordered reviewing lapses in security intelligence and the complicated terror watch list system. the president has called it a "screw-up," andational security adviser, general james jones says people who read the  report will feel what he calls a certain shock. meantime, a top official in yemen saidoday that the suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab, was recruited by al qaeda in london and may have met with a religious leader tied to the alleged ft. hood shooter in yemen. abdulmutallab was indicted on wednesday by a federal grand jury in detroit. charges include attempted murder and the attempted use of a
8:03 am
weapon of mass destruction. this morning, al qaeda claimed responsibility for last week's suicide attack that killed seven cia employees in afghanistan. u.s. officials callsaid a trust informant recruited to provide al qaeda secrets instead detonated a suicide bomb at a u.s. base. nbc's peter alexander has the personal story of one of the victims. >> reporter: on terror's front lines in afghanistan, it's a face of war we seldom see. 39-year-old scott roberson, a cia officer on a secret mission. >> his life was just where he wanted it to be. he had a wife he was proud of, he had a wife he adored, a baby that he was looking forward to. >> reporter: roberson was expected home in ohio next month for the birth of his first child, a little girl he and his wife of two years, molly, planned to name piper. instead, his family is mourning his death with a somber farewell wednesday at this atlanta church. >> scott, here's to you, buddy. we'll see you on the other side.
8:04 am
>> reporter: long before heading to the dangerous mountains of eastern afghanistan, south side scottie, as his colleagues called him, patrolled the streets of atlanta as an undercover narcotics detective alongside sergeant leanne browning. >> he just made the job easier because he was so easy to be around. >> reporter: now those officers are making sure roberson's family is taken care of, too. >> scotty never had a brother, but he had millions of brothers. >> reporter: because they were highly classified, a cia officer's identity is typicly kept secret, even after their death, but in a rare move, roberson's family received permission to discuss his life publicly. >> he said that, you know, remember, mom, no regrets. i'm doing something really great for my country. >> reporter: no longer in the shadows, a hero honored by a grateful nation and a family coping with its loss. peter alexander, nbc news, atlanta. the nation's week-long cold wave is intensifies.
8:05 am
temperatures plunged below zero and into double digits overnight. in parts of the northwest and northern plains. many of the places will get a fresh blanket of snow up to a foot thick today and tonight. now here's brian williams with wh's coming up tonight on nbc "nightly news." hey, brian. >> hey, ann, thanks. coming up tonight, we continue the week-lg series we've been doing on women's health. tonight, breakthrough in fertility medicine. how scientists can now isolate genetic diseases and eliminate them, in effect, building healthier family trees. we'll look for you tonight. ann, for now, back to you. >> okay, brian, thanks. it is now 8:05. let's go back outside for another check of the weather from who else but al. >> hey, thank you, ann. and we've got twins here. what's your names? >> i'm natalie. >> i'm nicole. >> and you're both wearing the same outfit. where are you guys from? >> nevada. >> natalie and nicole from neva nevada. i like that. all right, well, thanks for sharing. let's take a look and see what's happening. our pick city, panama city,
8:06 am
florida. 53 and afternoon showers. and as we check the rest of your weather, you can see a storm coming in through the pacific northwest, no big problems, but a clipper is coming across the great lakes, bringing anywhere from three to six inches of snow, and then behind it, more lake-effect snow. down to the sth you've got some icy conditions northern alabama, northern mississippi, rain in the gulf coast. sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard. look for snow showers into northern new england and then we're expecting to see plenty of sunshine from texas on into the southwest. cooler, but still not as cold as the rest of the another cold january morning underway. our temperatures in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. it's 30 in washington with clouds on the increase coming in from the west. it will be in the mid to upper 30s. snow coming in from the west, could be a period of moderate
8:07 am
snow predawn on friday. cold for the weekend. total amounts right around the metro area and across northern >> got a birthday girl here. what's your name? >> kaitlin. >> and happy birthday. 21st. >> thank you. >> and meredith. meredith. >> i'm sorry, al. thank you very much. up next, hunky versus chunky. hollywood's double standard when it comes to men, women and weight gain, right after this. he seems different. ♪ are you ready? he's not talking about work. ♪ i don't want to work he's not tucking in his shirt. ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ he's not checking messages every 9 seconds. ♪ i just want to bang on the drum all day ♪ and now this? ♪ i don't want to play ♪ i just want to bang on the drum all day ♪ [ fog horn blows ]
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so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. we are back now at 8:10. hollywood's leading ladies are under a lot of pressure, according to some, to look their best, while their male counterparts are afforded a little leeway, but is that about to change? nbc correspondent natalie morales has more. >> good morning to you, matt. gerard butler's career exploded in the film "300." he gained fans worldwide for his physique, but some recent photos of butler looking not so smelt have people talking about hollywood's double standard. from the red carpet to the silver screen, actors dazzle us with their great looks and fabulous figures, but when
8:11 am
female celebrities put on a few pounds, we all take notice. from britney spears to jessica simpson and tyra banks, they've all suffered from the harsh glare of gaining weight in the spotlight. even actress jennifer love hewitt was ridiculed in these bikini pictures for being a size 2. >> if you're going to be a successful actress in llywood, you'd better be not an 8, but at least a 9 1/2 90% of the time. >> reporter: although these high-profile celebrities are always in the limelight, some of hollywood's leading men, larger than life on the big screen, have also gained weight. russell crowe, val kilmer, vince vaughn, and now gerard butler, who's best known as the spartan king in "300." >> in most roles men play in hollywood, they are not wearing a bikini. the pressure for women to be thin and attractive and perfect in these roles is nothing compared to what qualifies men. >> reporter: so, just maybe the tables are turning on hollywood's hunks. >> hollywood is not a talent
8:12 am
competition when it comes down to it. it's a competition of beauty and look. i think it's time the playing field got leveled. women have been criticized forever and men have kind of gotten a free pass. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back, yeah >> as for those recent photos, gerard butler was quoted in a british newspaper saying "i'm not the kind of guy who always stays in shape. i love cupcakes." so, matt, step away from the cupcakes. >> i like them too much, natalie. i like them, too. i'm with gerard. natalie, thank you. "today's lifestyle" editor is the editor in chief of "glamour" magazine. dennis kneale is cnbc's tech and media editor and co-anchor of cnbc's "power lunch." all right, folks, i don't get it. to be honest, i don't understand why we're talking about this. >> why we're here? >> i really don't, and i hate to say that when i'm doing a segment, but i think he looks fine. i think men get criticized very often when they gain weight in photos, and natalie gave some examples there. why are we talking about a double standard here?
8:13 am
>> well, i think women in hollywood get crucified for far less. i think they wear skimpier clothing, they're in swimsuits more often and if they go out after a big pastalunch, the tabloids are all over them for having "let themselves go." >> the first important point here in defense of gerard butler is belly, what belly? you had me on here because i'm an excerpt in ponch and i've got a lot more than that. and furthermore, let's face it, this double standard does exist and i think it should continue to exist, because frankly, i can't take the pressure if it disappears and iave to start having a six-pack like in "twilight." >> wait a second, val kilmer and russell crowe, and i remember some comments about alec baldwin and kevin federline and other people like that that we've pointed that out in the past. people talk about it. >> i think they have to gain a lot more weight than a woman does before it rises to the level of public discussion. that having been said, i think we have to give this guy a brk, let him eat his cupcakes. to me, that picture says that none of us should be trying to look the way hollywood stars --
8:14 am
>> were the abs ever real in the first place? that's what computer animation is for and he has to live up to that photo for his life. that's cruel. >> people are reacting about the separation between hollywood fantasy and reality. guys like me or him, we don't walk around the beach with a lighting director and makeup and things that are supposed to make us look better. >> right. this is a reminder that none of us can live up to those standards. even the actors can't and don't want to. >> first of all, let's remember that women can be the harshest judges of other women. >> right. >> and women are the consumers of much of the media that play up these gotcha photos of people who have gained too much weight. but it's because women and men want different things. women have been able to realize for centuries that beauty is only skin deep, that there's something deeper. men can't see past the cleavage. >> i think you're right, that women are more forgiving of men than other women. when we posted the pictures of gerard butler on, most women said i don't see the big deal. >> when you posted pictures of jennifer love hewitt or the
8:15 am
others, what was the reaction from women? >> they actually still stand up for those other women. i think women in general are tired of women getting beat up all the time. >> bottom line is most of the people are famous because of how they look -- >> well -- >> meryl streep, who happens to be beautiful -- >> and 60. >> but she gets by purely by the scope of her talent. no one is ever going to criticize meryl streep because she's so talented and beautiful. it's these other people who get famous in part because they walk around with the ripped things -- >> live by the sword -- >> exactly right. >> -- die by the sword. >> exactly right. >> but just because gerard butler played a spartan soldier in "300" and played that role, it's no reason to ask him to live up to a standard. >> i think it is. and i think the "twilight" boys should have to hold the six-pack for many years. they have to live up to that. >> i think they have to play the roles they're given. if you're playing a bodybuilder, you have to be fit. >> see how incredibly gorgeous women are so forgiving of ponchy men, and i think that makes the
8:16 am
world a better place, matt. >> well, that's beautiful. >> cindy levin and dennis kneale, thank you very much. appreciate it. i don't know what we just talked about. up next, casey anthony's lead attorney speaks out. than a comparable honda civic. this chevy traverse has better mileage than honda pilot. the all-new chevy equinox has better mileage than honda cr-v. and chevy malibu has better mileage than accord. however, honda does make something that we just can't compete with. it's self propelled. chevy. compare us to anyone and may the best car win. i felt this deep lingering pain that was a complete mystery to me.
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8:19 am
lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. join us at now to the woman leading the defense of florida mother casey anthony. anthony is behind bars awaiting trial for the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. we're going to talk to her lawyer, andrea lyon, in a moment. but first, here's nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: 23-year-old casey anthony, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. and in chicago, her attorney, andrea lyon, is confident her client will walk. the once tie dyed idealist from the '60s has one agenda, preventing anyone from ever being executed. >> it's killing. that's what you're doing. >> reporter: casey anthony is
8:20 am
accused of callously killing her daughter and then partying around orlando for 31 days before finally telling her mother caylee was missing. there are folks who say how could you not want that person to pay with their own life for the horrible crime they committed? >> well, that's because we have this two-dimensional good guys versus bad guys way of telling stories in this country. >> reporter: lyon has an unmatched record of success when it comes to the death penalty. she's never lost. it's earned her the name the angel of death row, but that angelic title is in sharp contrast to her controversial comments recorded and posted online where she derives female prosecutors. >> they all wear those little ties and have [ bleep ] at home, whatever. >> reporter: andrea lyon is not just the lead attorney on this case, she's also professor andrea lyon here at depaul university in chicago, where she
8:21 am
has upwards of a dozen students as part of their course work also working on this case. but with casey anthony, the question is, has the angel of death row this time chosen an unwinnable case? for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, chicago. >> andrea lyon is with us now. she's written a new book "angel of death row: my life as a death penalty defense lawyer." andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> when kerry started his piece, he said at the top of it that you are confident that casey anthony would walk, and you said under your breath, "i'm not." >> of course i'm not. there's always a presumption of guilt, and the intense media scrutiny here has made it, as far as i can see, virtually impossible to get a fair trial. we're rolling a bigger stone up a bigger hill than you normally are. >> you said you're scared to death. >> i am. i'm scared for my client. i'm afraid that the fact that she's been pilried in the press -- i would liken this,
8:22 am
meredith, to the salem witch trials, actually. and for those of your audience who don't know what i'm talking about, there was a sort of mass hysteria in massachusetts where people thought people were witches, and mostly women. and if a woman behaved differently, she didn't act the way she was supposed to act, she would get accused of being a witch. and the test was throwing her in water. if she floated, if she could swim, she was a witch, she was guilty and she was killed, burned at the stake. if she drowned, she was innocent. >> either way, she's dead. >> either way, she's dead. >> you know, you filed a motion back in december to drop the death penalty in this case. >> we did. >> and the judge denied that. >> right. >> what kind of a setback is that for your client? >> well, it's a setback. we're disappointed in t ruling. we believe that as a legal matter and as a factual matter we were correct, but we will proceed on. there are other motions to file, other challenges to do and we're going to do them. >> but does that put a lot of
8:23 am
pressure on casey anthony to plea bargain here? >> well, that is one of the effects of the death penalty. it does put a lot of pressure on a defendant to plea bargain, even when they didn't do it, they didn't kill her -- she didn't kill her kid. >> you're absolutely sure without a doubt? >> i'm sure. >> based on? >> based on things i can't tell you because they're confidential, but based on the evidence as well. i mean, there's not even any evidence that this was a homicide let alone that any evidence tying her to it. >> so, are you also convinced, then, that there is no way that she can get a fair trial at this point? >> i'm afraid she might not be able to. i hope that she will be able to. we have a motion pending in front of the judge to move the trial -- >> change it to -- >> and we hope to move to a larger venue where the saturation isn't as much and we have a broader and more diverse jury pool. we certainly hope so. >> i want to talk about your book, "angel of death row." it chronicles your experiences
8:24 am
as the first woman to serve as the lead attorney on a death penalty case. you've done many since then, and you've won every single one, actually. >> so far. >> so far. and you say one of the advantage as that you have as a woman is that you're able to tap into the emotions not only of your clients, but the jury as well. how much does emotion play in a high-profile case like casey's? >> well, you ignore emotions at your peril. people feel horror at a crime. they're disgusted or horrified at things that happen. and if you pretend those emotions don't exist and say, you know, just the facts, ma'am, that doesn't work. i don't mean that it's sort of, you know, we all hold hands a it's touchy-feely. i don't mean that. i mean, you have to pay attention to what people are feeling, what they're thinking. you have to be respectful of them and you have to understand the angerhat people feel when someone's life is cut short. >> and there's a lot of anger directed at your client right now. >> at our client and at us
8:25 am
personally as well. >> we have very little time left. in about the 30 seconds that i do have left, even if casey anthony were to be found guilty when this case goes to trial, which should be in june, you do not believe anybody should be given the death penalty, that it's never appropriate. why? >> i believe that the death penalty is a barbaric institution. we're the only civilized country -- we're in the company of iraq and iran and china, and i'm against the death penalty. >> thank you so much, andrea lyon, for your time.
8:26 am
the time right no now is 8:36. two separate issues have shut down the rock creek park way from calvert street to past the kennedy center. fire officials are trying to ear up some downed electrical kleins and not far from that scene police have an injured person which they're now investigating. these two issues are causing use problems for commuters. let's get the details from jerry. >> we'll show you on the map here, rock creek park way getting closed between calvert street and pennsylvania avenue, that's bad enough.
8:27 am
but authorities are blocking traffic inbound on the key bridge. inbound traffic on key bridge must go out bound onosiland road. >> tom is talking about some snow
8:28 am
good morning, temperatures
8:29 am
now in the 20s and highs in the upper 30s and light snow late tonight and a bit of a moderate snow period predawn on friday. joe? >> thanks very much, tonight on news4 at
8:30 am
back now at 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 7th day of january 2010. it is a sunny but chilly start to the day. 30 degrees here in new york. and we're getting used to it, kind of just ho-hum by now. >> it's winter. >> exactly. >> ho-hum winter temperatures.
8:31 am
out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry and al roker. and in this half hour, we'll put a spotlight on the man bag. al, you got one? >> i have a messenger bag, but not a man bag. >> that's a man bag. >> what's wrong with that there? >> what's wrong with that? >> that's a man bag kind of thing. we took a tour around 30 rock to find out what today's chic man is toting around. >> okay. >> plus, we're bombarded with health information, what to eat, what you shouldn't eat, how much exercise, all that, how much sleep to get and on and on and on. but what advice is worth following and what is just a bunch of bunk? we're going to get into that with a panel of experts. >> all right. and also this morning, the five things every woman should know to make her life a little easier. we're going to get some advice from "self" magazine. they've always got good advice. >> and one of the things you should know, the weather. absolutely. let's show you what that is. first of all, we'll start off with our weekend. rain comes into the pacific northwest. sunny and mild through the southwest. lake-effect snows around the great lakes. showers down in florida.
8:32 am
then sunday, sunday, we're looking at frigid conditions in new england, clouds in the pacific northwest, sunny and cool in the plain states. we're looking at good morning, here's the ur-d forecast, we'll have increasing clouds today, right now still sub freezing, only in the upper 20s to mid 30s. late this evening, light snow moving into e met troy area, perhaps after 9:00 p.m. it should all end by midday friday followed by a sub freezing weekend. so some very cold air coming in from to the weekend. total snow amounts around the >> and that's your latest weather. let's head on down to ft. myers, florida, and uncle willie scott. let me pipe you aboard. love your greek sailor's cap. ♪ if i were a rich man, i would
8:33 am
buy the network ♪ >> maybe not. anyway, i'm glad to see you. you got home safe and sound. what a sweetheart. >> thank you. >> al, we've got some -- you know, i meant to do this last week -- thanks to the fedex guys, the u.p.s. guys, all the work they did during the holidays. unbelievable. we love you. happy birthday from smucker's, the greatest name in jams and jellies. take a look, if you will, as the jam jar spins around. we have lochia dunn, mingo junction, ohio. delivered meals to steel mill workers back during wwii. attributes her longevity to eating candy. my kind of woman. take a look at eloise hause, dothan, alabama. 108 years old. enjoys going to the beauty parlor and calls her walker a bicycle. she likes to get around town. she's a lovely lady. here's bennie johnson. old bennie from cedar hill, texas. how are you doing? retired school bus driver. never made a wrong turn. i threw that in.
8:34 am
attributes longevity to making people happy. cat beat that one. alice tillinghast with a "t," brooklyn, new york -- brooklyn, connecticut, wait a minute. 106 years old. avid red sox fan. member of the red sox nation. and here is ruthie, ruthie dunn, los angeles, california, 100. volunteered over 7,000 hours working with cancer patients. likes to sew, too. and finally, alice blazey of palmyra -- great name -- new york. drives her young friends around to see the doctor how about that? still does good work. keeps busy delivering food to local shelters. that's it, that's all. now back to the old new york city and the lovely and exciting matt. >> all right, willard, thank you very much. when we come back, a reality check. the rules that it's okay to break when it comes to you
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> announcer: "today's health" is brought you by kellogg's special k products. back at 8:36. this morning on "today's health," an overdue dosef reality when it comes to what's truly healthy and what is mostly hype. here to help sort it all out are dr. susan love and dr. alex domar, co-authors of the book "live a little! breaking the rules won't break your health." dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. >> hi, meredith. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> doctor, let's start with you, because this book is teaching us to take the "hel" out of healthy. where do we begin? >> we're getting a lot of healt rules. everywhere you look, you have to eat fruits and vegetables, exercise an hour a day, sleep eight hours a night. women, i'm a working mom, we're going crazy trying to fit it all in, but do we have to? >> well, you write in the
8:38 am
introduction, nancy, that perfection is an "imperfect goal." so, if perfection's not what we're aiming for, what should we be aiming for? >> you're aiming for the goal of having a life, having some moderation. you can try to have every bit of fruits and vegetables a day and that one proverbia glass of red wine and sex every day and love your kids and help with the homework and have it all, but the reality is, it's not going to happen. so, we make ourselves crazy. i would just say -- and i'm part of the reason women are crazy because i'm always telling them what the recent study is. take a breath. back off a little bit. there's something to be said for the race to the moderate, not the extremes. >> well, dr. love, we either do too much or too little, and you say the best thing is to be pretty healthy. >> that's right. we found that everything was a u-shaped curve. too much sleep is bad, too little sleep is bad. too much exercise is bad, too little is bad. and in the middle, there's a really nice pretty healthy zone that most of us are in, and you can be pretty healthy.
8:39 am
you don't have to be perfectly healthy. >> that five or ten pounds is not what's going to put you in the grave. >> right. >> right. >> it's the 50 to 100 pounds that's going to put you in the grave. >> that's right. >> so, that idea for perfection, that's what drives our eating disorders and i would say substance abuse. it's that -- and society pushes us there and i think women feel it more than men. >> and that pretty healthy zone is a lot bigger than we thought. when we were doing research for every chapter, we were stunned how big that is. >> there's a lot of good news in the book for women, beginning with the fact that, as you guys put it, you're fitter than you think. >> that's right. >> that's right. we found to really be fit or fit enough, you need to be able to walk a mile in 20 minutes, you need to be able to jog a mile without stopping, slowly, could be. you need to be able to stand on one foot and get yourself out of a chair. well, most people can do that. once you get over 50, you need to exercise, because if you don't use it, you lose it but it doesn't mean you have to run a marathon. it means you've got to get out and move. >> and even things that we take for granted like carrying the
8:40 am
groceries or whatever, that's part of it. >> absolutely. >> that's why mothers weren't fat because they were doing their own house work and holding groceries and balancing babies and going to the pho and walking from the store and using steps. those are steps that you incorporate in every day. that's the stuff that keeps you healthy. >> chasing your kids, throwing the ball, you know. >> and you know, if you're carrying two toddlers around on your hips, you're weight training. >> you sure are. you also say you don't need eight hours of sleep. now, we've been talking about this since i've been on the "today" show, that you need it, that we're all sleep-deprived. you found that you don't. >> well, you might be sleep-deprived because you're not getting enough sleep, but eight's not the magic number. people who live the longest sleep seven hours a night. >> right, and six is even okay. >> like with eight glasses of water a day. there are certain things that become conventional wisdom. so, strive for the sleep that you know, go to bed at the same time at night and wake up at same time in the morning. that sleep hygiene is important. >> and what works for you may not work for someone else. >> use your common sense. if you think you're having
8:41 am
enough sleep, it's okay. you don't have to stay in bed another two hours. >> if you're feeling rested, you're getting enough sleep. >> you also say the goal in life h life is not to live forever. we all kind of want to. >> that's true. we act like we want to live forever, and i live in l.a. where everybody thinks they're going to live forever, but we're not going to live forever. what we really want to do is live as long as we can with the best quality of life and drop dead, you know? really, when you think about it. >> exactly. >> and so, the goal is to enjoy yourself along the way, because we might all be hit by that proverbial bus tomorrow. and you'd hate to have missed out on some fun. >> but you're not saying -- i'm just clearing this -- you're not saying ignore all the research out there -- >> no, absolutely. >> and all the science out there. >> we're scientists. we spent years reading these studies. we know the science. >> exercise is important, eating a healthy diet is important, but if you have one brownie, you're not going to drop dead. >> and if i don't have my cup of blueberries, that's okay, too? >> absolutely. >> i feel guilt-ridden if i don't. >> it is important that in a society where we see obesity is
8:42 am
rampant and heart disease is rampant and we talk about the preventive actors, what they're talking about is not to deny that, but take the weight off your shoulders a little bit, just take a breath. be smart about your health, but an extra five pounds is not the problem that's going to get you to an early grave. >> right. >> live a big life and slide out at home plate. >> my rear end says thank you very much for th. dr. love, dr. dumar and dr. nancy, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> again, the book is called "live a little! breaking the rules won't break your health." up next, what regular guys tote around in their man bags. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning on "today's style," we're tking about man bags, the on again/off again fashion trend seems to be back on in a big way. >> absolutely, and we set out to
8:45 am
see what some of the men around 30 rock are carrying, and you might be surprised by who and what we found. >> a purse? >> it's not a purse. it's a shoulder bag. >> looks like a woman's purse. but it is odd how a woman's purse looks so good on me, a man. >> man bags, aka, man purse or murse, are not new. they've been in and out of vogue throughout the years, but lately, they can be spotted everywhere, from the average joe on the street to films and on tv. >> you can't shove sunglasses, ipods, blackberrys, phones into your pockets anymore. >> reporter: some versions of a carry-all dates back to richard iii and henry viii, but it's the styles that have changed. >> man bags used to be uncool, but i think they're very cool right now, mainly for function. >> reporter: finally, the fashion world is focusing on what men carry, totes, cases and clutches, oh my.
8:46 am
the choices have broadened, but it's the celebrities that seem to set the trend. the most popular, slung or hung and sometimes carried. >> officer! >> there he goes! >> someone took my european carryall! >> your what? >> it's a black leather thing with a strap. >> you mean a purse? >> yes, a purse! i carry a purse! >> i feel awful because a couple of days back i saw -- i saw the bag first, thought it was a rather tall woman with short hair, and i said, "let me help you with that, ma'am," and it was gregory. and i guess it was the bag that threw me at first. ♪ dude looks like a lady >> reporter: so, how does a regular guy choose a bag that is more murse than purse? david? >> yeah? >> what's with the purse? >> i think men and women in life, they're always saying to themselves, you know, they're
8:47 am
always in search of the perfect bag. >> no, they're not. no, i don't think tiki and i sit there going, gee, i need the perfect bag. >> what's nice about this, i can carry my research or a stalk of asparagus. >> that's right, or a makeup compact. this is a messenger bag. i've got everything in here, baby. it's a man bag! a real man bag! >> this is what i carry, and you can make your own judgments. it's been to iraq and afghanistan, and it's my everyday bag. inside, i mean, basically, it's got my life. oh, look, i forgot this is in here. this is my old -- this is my old fire helmet. so you know, again, i go into a lot of situations, sure, sometimes great danger. i can't wear anything too frilly, you know, a shoulder strap, any kind of wheels. it's not me. i feel awful about the thing withgregory. i was just making a snap judgment based on the bag i saw.
8:48 am
>> jill martin is with "us weekly," she's a "today" contributor. hey, jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> are they really back in a big way? >> in a big way. i mean, men have things to carry, too, and it's all about what you're comfortable with, and i know this is big for you, your personal style, and what you actually have to carry. >> right. >> so, i'm going to show you three of the most popular options. >> so, we start with jonathan, right? and jonathan's carrying what would be a classic knapsack look, right? >> yes, this is the knapsack and he's in sales, so he has a lot to carry. this is a higher end one, but you can get one at any price point. he carries his gym clothes, his work materials, his ipod, and he's allowed to be hands-free now, so if he has anything he needs to blackberry, like many people do. >> and it's manly. >> and it's manly, and it's accepted in most work environments, depending on the material. >> okay. >> next one, we've got the messenger bag. this is michael carrying the messenger bag. >> this is michael carrying the meenger bag, and i heard you say before, i wouldn't necessarily wear it with a suit. >> right. >> but i wanted to show you can
8:49 am
wear it both casually and with a suit, and this is accepted in a lot of work environments, and this classically was for a bicycle messenger, so they can travel and didn't have to take off the bag for delivery, but now you'll see this mostly on the street. this is cole hann, but again, you can get it at any price point and it allows you to be hands-free. >> it's basically a briefcase with a long strap. >> yeah. >> basically. >> michael, thank you very much. next we have two special guests, former new york rangers star ron dugae and former knicks star john starks. and they're both carrying -- first of all, guys, good morning. >> good to be here. >> let's start with ron's look, jill. >> well, ron's edgy. we always know he makes a fashion statement, and to carry a murse, which is a clutch, and i know -- >> that's a clutch. >> he can pull it off. look at his look. and he carries this normally. this is from louis vuitton, but you can get it at any price point. walt "clyde" frazier also carries a clutch. >> and you can carry this like a football -- >> i like that. >> little heisman thing. >> and mr. starks?
8:50 am
>> and john has more of a classic look, and he generally carries more of a briefcase that you carry, right? this is more -- >> little closer to that, yeah. >> although you said you might switch to messenger. >> no, no, see, i think both these -- these fit these guys' personalities. >> right. >> there's no question about it. john, you would carry that, right? >> yes, i would. >> same thing. >> would you carry the clutch? >> yes. >> would you? >> depends on what i've got on. what ron got on, yes, definitely. >> well, they can pull it off. and jerry and some members from our crew also are very interested in purses, murss and man bags. >> and let's take a look at them. well, that's a little different. >> that's a little different, that's a little edgier. >> right. >> but those are sold as well. >> right. >> so, you know, jerry really likes that look. >> john's going, i wouldn't go with the red one. >> antowain is getting a little too into this. >> we wanted to show the extreme from saks fifth avenue, but this really shows that you can find
8:51 am
one to fit your personality. >> i'm going to go out on a limb here and say what ron has in his hand, normally i would in the past have looked and said no way, but ron's a former hockey player and he's bigger than me, and i'm going to say that looks really good with you. >> you can have your makeup products in here. >> that was a long time ago, long time ago. >> i was going to say, anybody that can carry a shirt like that. >> bring the rest of our models back out. >> that's right. >> guys, thanks very much. ron, good to see you. john, as always. gentlemen, thank you very much. our crew, get back to work. >> wow. >> jill, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> uh-oh. >> we're back in a momen
8:52 am
8:53 am
jeff bridges' new movie "crazy heart" opens in theaters tomorrow and his performance has already earned him a golden globe nomination and is generating oscar buzz. our gene shalit says he is crazy for it. >> good morning and welcome to the "critic's corner." "crazy heart" directed and written by scott cooper claims it features jeff bridges, but don't you believe it. >> what's your real name? >> i'm bad blake. >> look, i'vedmired jeff bridges for years in films, and i don't see a sign of him here. i do see a whiskey-drinking, frisky-thinking, country-singing rummy called bad blake. ♪ i don't know if you're my
8:54 am
friend ♪ >> once famous, his songs were hits because bad wrote good. >> why don't you sit down and write some songs, huh? >> but now he's flying solo, he even sings in bowlingalleys. spare me. >> mr. blake, let me personally offer you all the free bowling you want. >> when he meets a right nice gal in santa fe, maggie gyllenhaal, who's never been better, they strike a chord that accords with his hope they'll be in harmony. his road to redemption is cleared. when he's got a music shot with a singer he really disles, bad takes a sip and swallows his pride. come to find out, bad blake is jeff bridges, giving the most most performance you'll ever jaw drop. it's 100 proof that the superlative jeff bridges is the real thing. >> never too late, son. never too late. >> reporter: so is one of a kind
8:55 am
robert duvall, steady there, old friend. >> thanks for coming out. it's so good to be home. >> speaking as an oracle, do not bypass "crazy heart." and that's the "critic's corner" for today. >> good film, good, yeah. >> i liked it as well. bridges is amazing. >> yeah. you know who's amazing? >> yay. >> natalie morales is amazing. brand new magazine that came out, "mom" magazine. look who's on the cover. >> yeah. >> two beautiful little boys. >> not only are you on the cover, you're called a hot mom. >> yeah, you're in the list of hot moms. >> which is great. >> oh, help us all. >> what did your husband say when he heard you were a hot mom? >> well, i think it's an honor. it's a real honor. but as i said in the article, i think all of us are hot moms for all that we do, you know, caregivers, providers and go home and be, you know, moms and work. so, we're all tasked. >> well, you're a great representative. >> thank you. >> really are, natalie. >> good way to kick it off. congratulations.
8:56 am
>> they did a great job, so i appreciate everybody. >> got next year's christmas card already. >> exactly. our time is 8:55, it's the 7th of january. in the news for today, we have breaking news out of northwest d.c. two separate issues have shut down the rock creek park way from calvert street beyond the kennedy center. the first issue concerns heavy smoke from a downed electrical line. and another is an injured man. let's get details from jerry. >> we'll start with live pictures coming in from rosiland the inbound key bridge. notice the right side is blocked. traffic cannot come inbound on key bridge to go inbound on n street. what little traffic is taken off m street at 28th presumably to
8:57 am
keep them from going over the pennsylvania avenue bridge off of m street. i think we can figure right now, we're trying to get more details, but it's grit locked with a capital g. you can try 16th street, but canal road, chain bridge, everything is bumper to bumper this hour. >> we'
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, still cold, temperatures right around 30 degrees, ahead of a snow making weather system coming in by late this evening into early tomorrow morning. followed by a sub freezing weekend, but one to two ihes around the metro area. >> tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m., moldly problems in front
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 7th day of january 2010. we've got a nice crowd gathered outside on the plaza. standing in fro of the 76-foot-tall norway spruce christmas tree here in rockefeller plaza, and if they came down to see it, they're getting it in under the wire, because that tree will vanish tonight, right? >> aww, that's sad. >> magic, poof! >> they're already taking stuff off of it. >> they are. >> but they're using the wood for the habitat for humanity home. so at least it's going to a good
9:01 am
cause. >> that's good. in the past they've grind them up and used the wood chips for camps for underprivileged children and stuff like that. so, there's a social conscience out here on the plaza. >> not just a pretty tree. >> exactly right. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer with natalie morales and al roker. coming up, people say in the new year, i'm going to change my life, do things for the better. and the advice we're going to give you today is don't bite off more than you can chew. it's the small changes that you make over the next couple months and years that can really help you, and they won't set you up for failure the way the big things you attempt to do will. >> absolutely. >> so we'll talk about that in just a little while. also, a lot of couples may be re-evaluating their relationship because of all these recent scandals, cheating scandals in the news these days, with the tiger woods drama. giving couples food for thought. so, if your spouse is unfaithful, do you stay and fight for your marriage or is it better to walk away? advice on surviving infidelity, coming up. and on a lighter note, we'll look at getting more living
9:02 am
space out of your basement. if you're thinking of getting a play room or workout area, you don't have to call in a handyman. there are things you can do yourself to give you more space and turn it from bleak to chic. >> and we don't mean closets? >> we'll find out. >> another floor. let's get a check of the headlines. ann's inside with that. good morning again. >> good morning once again, matt, and to all of you outside and here watching this morning. in the news today, the white house making public a declassified report on the attempted christmas day plane bombing, and the president has a comment about the report's findings and recommendations. meantime, the suspect in the case was indicted on wednesday on charges of attempted murder and the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. a classified u.s. intelligence report finds that 20% of detainees released from the guantanamo bay prison in cuba have or are expected to have returned to terrorist activities. according to officials, that number rose stlaeyd over the past year because the inmates most recently released were the ones considered to be the most
9:03 am
hard core. this morning, al qaeda claimed responsibility for last week's attack on a cia outpost in afghanistan. as a top al qaeda leader saying it was revenge for the deaths of a pakistani taliban leader killed by a missile from a u.s. drone and for the deaths of two al qda figures. seven cia employees were killed in last week's attack. senator john mccain in afghanistan this morning expressed sadness for the loss and also gratitude for the work the cia doeshere. yet another new surge of cold weather is sweeping across the nation. already windchill temperatures have dropped this morning to 52 below in north dakota. forecasters are expecting more snow today in the midwest. another ten inches in some places that are still digging out from recent storms. residents have been evacuated from around a volcano in costa rica because of smoke and ash pouring out of the volcano. activity at the volcano has increased recently. there hasn't been a major eruption there in almost 150 years. and a rhode island high
9:04 am
school student is doing her part to pay down the nation's $12 trillion debt. inspired by her civics teacher who called on students to take a stand on a social issue, she decided to hold a bake sale to help out uncle sam. and she's raised $50 so far. good for her. it is now three minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt, natalie and al. >> thanks. >> every little bit helps. >> that's right. >> that's great, ann. thank you very much. >> i like this guy here. "it's cold. i'm going back to florida." when are you leaving? >> tomorrow morning. >> just when it's going to be getting nice. anyway, have a good time. all right. let's head over this way, got these folks -- they've been here three days. you haven't gone home. >> no. >> where are you from? >> toluca, illinois. >> toluca, okay. how do "pronounce your name? >> it's terrebaschi. >> well, she said it terrebaschi. >> she's italian.
9:05 am
>> they can't agree how to say the name. man, look at these temperatures, it's cold. 33 in havre, 3 in sioux falls. windchills make it feel worse. getting up to 14 in glasgow, 2 below in sioux falls, 10 below in denver. rest of the country, you can see the below-normal temperatures, cincinnati where it's 15 degrees below normal, miami 12 degrees below normal and we're not going to see much of a change. another arctic outbreak comes in over the weekend, another cold morning in florida. it's not until monday when we get a change in good morning, temperatures still hovering right around 30 degrees here at mid morning and we do have clouds on the increase coming in from the west and we have a snow maker coming in late this evening perhaps after 9:00, there may be a brief period of moderate snow on friday morning. breezy and cold friday afternoon and sub freezing weekend to
9:06 am
come. >> and where are you guys from? >> wisconsin, madison, wisconsin. >> madison, wisconsin, all right. and now let's go back in to ann. >> announcer: "today's daily dose" is brought to you by progresso. you've got to taste this soup. >> al, thanks. this morning on "today's daily dose," realistic resolutions for a healthy 2010. millions of americans who make resolutions break them after just a few weeks, and sometimes the problem is they simply shoot too high. well, nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman is back and she's got some advice to help us make healthy resolutions that we can actually keep. nancy, good morning. >> hi, annie. >> okay, before you tell us we have to make our resolutions more realistic, let me ask you -- >> and i don't think resolutions are for everybody, i just kind of qetly make them myself. >> what are your resolutions?
9:07 am
did you make resolutions? >> i did. >> how did you learn how to do them? give us an example. >> i'm going to take my baby aspirin every day and read an hour for pleasure, not rated to work. >> an hour for pleasure every day? >> but i get it. if i don't get it i'm not going to put a bullet in my head. i'll read 15 minutes or an hour. but i'm going to read not related to news, which for you and me is a very big hurdle. >> exactly. so, not only are your resolutions realistic, but you're realistic about your ability to keep them. >> yeah. you know what, i learned a long time ago this whole thing of i'm going to lose so much weight and i'm never going to eat this again. they are unrealist. so, i look at things that are going to make my life a little better. i know that baby aspirin's good for my heart and i think reading is good for my heart and my soul and my brain. those two things for me should make 2010 a better year. >> for other people, including for you, actually, and for all of us, you actually do have some resolutions that are, you know, not too hard to keep. >> right. >> so, you want to add to the things, the goals that we might
9:08 am
want to think about to stay healthy, because your goal is to help us all be healthy. so, we've got a little list. you say schedule a checkup. now, that's not hard. >> no. >> just pick up a phone. >> and look at the calendar and figure out when your birthday is. this is the best present you can give yourself. put everything around your birthday. best thing you can do. we talk about these little things -- wearing sunscreen, best way to ward off cancer. now, i'm going to back off for a second. at least go out 20 minutes a day without it to get your vitamin d, but then the rest of the year, use it. go to bed at the same time. it's not so much the length of time you get a night, it's same time to bed, same time to rise. also, don't drink your calories. easy to do around the holidays. you pour a couple glasses of wine. easily 450 to 600 calories before you s down to dinner. so, back off of the booze new years. that's an easy way to shed a few pounds. >> and use a pad yom better was on the list. >> aim for 10,000 steps a day. those are little easy things. do all of them. >> and you can be realistic. i mean, some days you're not going to be able to get toed
9:09 am
exactly at the right time. >> yeah. >> and also, you say -- >> you live a little. >> there's technology now available to help us. so, it's really good that we are facing this dilemma now, right? we've got the iphone to help us. >> well, you have great apps on your iphone. you can find all these movement -- little things you can wear around your neck to show how much you're using calories, what your metabolic rate is, you can plug them into your computer. i use an app on my iphone called "lose it!" it tells me how many calories i'm supposed to eat a day, and i find if i log it in right there in my iphone, by the end of the day, i haven't eaten something and forgot about it. there's a green zone and a red zone. it's my favorite app for just making sure that i'm eating a balanced meal through the day. >> i never even knew that existed. for free. >> it's a free app on your iphone. >> we like that, especially these days. let's get to some questions. we have michelle from sherman, texas, and she is on, i think the teleone. hello, michelle. >> caller: hi, ann. hi, dr. nancy. >> hello, michelle. >> i want to be healthier in the new year, but i work at night and all i do is want to sleep
9:10 am
during the day. how do i achieve getting enough sleep and having energy during the daytime hours? >> you know, michelle, you're in a tough spot, because we know that for people who sleep overnight, that is never really a normal sleep/wake cycle, and in fact, the world health organization is even worried that people who work all night long sort of throw out their rhythms and may not be as healthy. so, knowing that's how you are working, schedule some daytime outside time for yourself because you're going to need that sun to recharge your batteries. it could be that you're going from fluorescent light, abnormal light, to sleeping all day long, probably eating high-carb, high-fat foods because that's the kind of foods you crave when your sleep/wake cycle is off, and get a little bit of natural sunshine. >> sounds like some good advice. you've got sharon in north dakota, who sent in an e-mail. "my health gl for 2010 is to get back to the healthy person i was before breast cancer. i've recently moved toorth dakota from california looking for a cleaner life, but i'm tired, depressed, suffering
9:11 am
brain zaps, overweight and in general not a healthy person i want to be." she needs your help, nancy. >> so, start from scratch. sit down this afternoon, put pen to paper. one column, things i like about my life, second column things i don't like about my life. and start to knock off in small steps the things that you don't like. but if you've had breast cancer, which is a bump in the road, you've changed location, those are two of the biggest stressors one can have. find your friends, whether they are physically with you or over the web, social websites. you need someone to reach out to. women should not, cannot do this alone. we are social creatures. rely on your buddies. >> i was reading recently something that affected me deeply. it talked about, you know, people are always looking for happiness. if you really want to find happiness, it's really in our relationships. >> and it starts inside. you can't go out and grabit. it grows inside of you. but people who are downers or who suck the life out of you, divorce them. >> okay. >> surround yourself with people who bring you goodness. >> thanks for the permission,
9:12 am
nancy. okay, we've got christine in allentown, pennsylvania. she has got a phone call question. hello, christine. >> caller: hi, ann. hi, dr. nancy. >> hi, christine. >> caller: hi. my husband's finally getting me the gym membership i had been asking for and yesterday was my first day and i already feel like there's just no way i can meet my goals. i had one session of weights and i took a yoga class and i'm already just so sore. can you help me make my dreams of being physically fit by summer come true? >> well, just so you know, everybody in january runs off and gets gym memberships and then fall off the wagon because it's so hard. so, know that you just want to do it a day or two a week and schedule someone to meet you at the gym or have a trainer there. you'll be sore because this is new, but supplement your days out of the gym with simple walks outside. don't try to become superwoman tomorrow. i think that's one of the reasons why weight and eating right, they become such unattainable goals in the new year.
9:13 am
so put on the pedometer, and relish the soreness about your body. >> i think the idea of taking walks is a really good thing. >> and it's good for your brain. >> sometimes when i'm sore, i take a walk and i'm breathing the air. moving is the goal. so, good advice. >> thank you so much. that was great. >> way to go! helping us have a better new year, dr. nancy snyderman. coming up next, five things every woman should learn what to do to save them time and money, what's good for them. also, makeover for your basement. we'll show how you can take it from drab to fab with some do-it-yourself tips. found in hlthy skin. e same nutry (announcer) lubriderm® moisture matches the moisture in your skin. skin accepts it better. absorbs it better. and has its natural balance restored for a clinically shown 24 hours. for skin that looks and feels truly comfortable. (announcer) dermatologist developed lubriderm®. your moisture matched. see sundays paper to save over thirty dollars on lubriderm and other beauty care brands.
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this morning on "today's home," transforming your basement into a beautiful, livable space. every week on lxtv's "open house," george oliphant comes to the rescue of homeowners in need of design help. this week, his number one request is for a basement makeover. with the help of designer courtney kashay, george
9:17 am
transformed one woman's space into a warm and inviting rec room. >> hi, my name is danielle, and my problem is my basement. >> danielle, we are going to transform this basement from a dysfunctional space to a family room. >> thank you so much for coming. i'm excited to see the end result. >> we're here to rescue you. >> thank you. >> so, courtney, what are we thinking colorwise in this room? >> okay, so, the principle color we're going to use is this rich, chocolatey brown. it's going to give this room some much-needed color and warmth and really set the tone for the rest of the design plan. in decorating this room, i incorporated tons of different textures and fabrics. we've got plush cottons, buehrle yap, beading, soft, plush fabrics and tons of color. all of it's going to add so much interest to this rm. >> danielle, come on in to your
9:18 am
new basement! >> look at the fireplace! look at the rugs. >> come on in. >> look at this rug! >> yeah, everything. >> i'm speechless! thank you so much. >> and she's still holding on to george right now. >> she is. down! >> george is here with some diy tips. so, george, that was an amazing transformation. seriously, how much did that cost? >> well, everything's donated on "open house to the rescue," but that probably would have cost, for a do-it-yourselfer, the most expensive thing is actually doing the fireplace. >> right. >> everything else, under $1,000. >> wow. that's pretty good. >> yeah. >> now, when you go into the basement, what's the first thing you look at? >> well, start with the ground up, the floor. a lot of people have just a concrete sub floor, and so, a lot of times, people put in carpets, but those are homes for mold and mildew. a lot of basements get water, so
9:19 am
there's really no reason for that. >> i've made that mistake. >> i have, too. a great alternative, people love wood floors, but in the basement it will warp and buckle. a laminate floor, basically, you want to put down a vapor barrier first, which is just a piece of plastic, 15 cents a square foot. then you've got a foam vapor barri barrier. that allows no water to come up. and it's a click-and-go system. >> interlocking some. >> it's interlocking, tongue and groove. >> so no sort of adhesive or anything. >> no adhesive. everything sits on top of this. the only place you actually need to be handy is cutting it down on the edges. >> so, different kind of finishes. >> all different colors. anything you can have in wood -- waln walnut, mahogany, chestnut, anything. >> i love this idea. >> this is what i'm doing in my basement, putting rubber down on the floors. it's good for a home gym, a kids room, a game room. >> and the spills wipe right up? >> wipe right up. mildew and mold-resistant. >> now, what are we doinghere? >> so, you basically have your
9:20 am
basement doors, pretty flat and bland. i'm going to put my safety glasses on and give you the nail gun, al. >> okay. this could be a mistake. >> a great way to transform a flat, bland door in your basement -- >> right, yeah? >> -- from a $50 to a $300 door is just by putting it on a ply molding. so, just shoot it right in ther yep, there you go. maybe one more over here? or let's go three. fire in the hole. and there you go. >> nailed him! >> nailed it. >> it's just been revoked. >> and it really is that easy. all this molding right here costs about $8. >> and screens also good? >> screens are great, because in the basement, inevitably, you're going to have your boilers, all those pipes and things that you don't want to see. >> cheap and easy. >> cheap and easy, it will cover it all up. >> george oliphant, thank you very much. and coming up, in the wake of high-profile cheating scandals, can your marriage handle an affair? this year, be victorious...
9:21 am
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9:26 is your time now, 30 degrees, does it look like snow outside? tom will have your forecast after the news. on thursday january 7, 2010. we have breaking news in northwest d.c. right now. two separate issues have shut down rock creek park way from calvert street to past the kennedy center. the first issue concerns heavy smoke from some fallen electrical lines, and an injured man was found under the m street bridge. let's get the latest from jerry. >> in addition to the closure of the rock creek park way, traffic coming in out of rosiland over
9:27 am
the key bridge cannot go east on m street right now presumably to keep people away from thecene of the smoke pennsylvania avenue at m street. as a result traffic is jammed. we'll go to the map and give you a perspective of what we're talking about. in georgetown we're seeing canal road and wilson boulevar lee highway and north street grit locked. >>
9:28 am
good morning, temperatures still hovering around 30 degrees, we should make it sboup
9:29 am
the mid and upper 30s and by late evening some light snow moving in, and ending by tomorrow late to mid morning. one to two inches around the metro area. >> tonight
9:30 am
♪ got his first guitar at age 11 and ended up being known simply as the king. elvis presley would have turned 75 tomorrow. >> wow. >> we'll take a look back at his career and amazing legacy with his wife prescilla tomorrow on "today." favorite song? >> any one that makes him shake his hips because that's what i like. >> but you can't see that on the
9:31 am
old record. >> no, but you can see it on the videos. the old "rock around the clock" one -- >> prison rock? >> "jailhouse rock." "rock around the clock" was bill haley. >> but i love the way he danced. that was the thing. >> yeah. it's hard to pick a song. there are so many. so many. >> and it fades out at about 3:45 in the record, then they bring it back again. i don't know why, anyway. >> and great ballads, too. >> yeah, good stuff. on a more serious note, coming up, we'll be talking about dealing with infidelity in a marriage. and for every person who's left a relationship for cheating, there is likely another who decided to stay and work it out. so, how do you know what the right move is for you and for your marriage? we're going to hear from the experts, coming up. also, we're going to talk about the things that every woman should know, and there are five things we're going to be talking about today, but actually, there are actually 110 things in this book, including hanging a picture, for exame. do you know how to hang a picture? that's one of the questions. >> yeah. >> we'll be talking about five other things. and what's cool about this book
9:32 am
that's just come out from "self" magazine is that the information, the knowledge gleamed comes from grandmothers. they were interviewing grandmothers, the wisdom of the ages, coming up in this half hour. >> like how to make a chicken, things that are going to really -- >> help us. >> -- make life a little bit easier. okay, and you should know how to make a good pasta dish, and in "today's kitchen," rustic pasta with white wine and mushrooms from one of n york's top chefs. >> wow. >> i've always wanted to make fresh pasta. you've done it, right? >> i've done it. >> you have to get the machine, but can you do it without the machine? can you slice it -- >> yeah, but you have to get a rock. >> a rock and a hard place. anyway, before that, let's talk about the weather. we've got al doing that. what about that? all righty, let's show you what's happening with the weather today. we are looking for on the weekend rain inhe pacific northwest, sunny and mild through the southwest, showers in florida, snow showers around the great lakes. then sunday, sunday, a look at frigid weather in new england, snow showers the eastern great kes, clouds in the pacific ds thwest, cold weather extends
9:33 am
good morning, here's the four-day forecast, we'll have increasing clouds today, right now our temperatures are near 30, afternoon highs in the mid and upper 30s as we get cloudy. and tonight some light snow moving in from west to east across the mountainsarlier this afternoon and by mid to late evening here around washington and maybe a brief period of moderate snow should end by late saturday morning. sub freezing weekend to fall. one to two inches around >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, some serious advice about whether you should stay or whether you should go if you find out that your spouse is unfaithful. advice on what you should consider. that's coming up right after this. beano prevents gas before it starts.
9:34 am
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2x more than eucerin original. now i can heal on a deeper level. beautiful. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion. neutrogena skin care. #1 dermatologist recommended. ♪ your cheating heart will make you weep ♪ this morning on "today's relationships," can your marriage survive an affair? with the tiger woods scandal front-page news, it's easy to ask yourself what you would do in that situation. stacy morrison is editor in chief of "redbook" magazine, which recently covered this issue. robi ludwig is a contributor to hi, ladies. >> hi. >> it's a question we've been asking a lot, given the scandals in the recent days. a question i think people say can go both ways, but can a marriage survive? i guess it depends on how strong the foundation of that marriage is, right, stacy? >> well, it depends on both
9:37 am
parties in the marriage and also depends on the affair. there are lots of different kinds of affairs. obviously, the tiger woods affair is very dramatic, but for a more simple affair, thenswer is sometimes, yes, of course you can, depending on what you feel and who you are. >> and we always feel, robi, if they do decide to stay together, it's going to take a lot of work. >> right. >> it's really couples working together, right, to sort through the issues. >> and it's both couples working together and relooking at their relationship, and really, an affair is a conversation that isn't had. so, you really have to understand why did the person have an affair before you can move forward and figure out is this relationship worth saving. >> right, and stacy, you say it's important to really a some of those questions like the wh what, where, when, why, but how much is too much? >> well, what we found in the article that we did is that often that the cheater would try to hold back information because they were embarrassed and ashamed. they didn't want to keep hurting their spouse. they knew how terrible it had been, so they would shorten the duration of the affair some details. well, they come out, they do because the spouse kps asking,
9:38 am
but one thing we know that experts recommend is don't overwhelm yourself with details if you're the spouse who was betrayed. don't ask where, how, what did they do together, don't give yourself mental pictures, because if you create a powerful mental picture of your husband with somebody else or vice versa -- >> it's hard -- >> you can't get past it. >> there are mixed feelings about that, because in some cases, the spouse who is betrayed needs to come to terms with the affair and almost desensitize themselves by hearing the details over and over again. >> right. >> so, for some people, it is good to hear the details, for other people -- >> but i think -- >> they don't even want to know. >> and that is the biggest question, can a marriage survive an affa? it depends on the individuals. >> right. >> so, it really comes down to, do you know that you're good at forgiveness and acceptance or do you hold grudges? it's not a judgment to say that we do, but you have to know. >> right. >> and also, how forgivable is the spouse who actually cheated? i mean, i've worked with couples where the spouse, the partner has cheated and he doesn't want to give up the affair. >> right. >> and heoesn't want to give
9:39 am
up -- >> well, that's different. >> like with mark sanford, the governor. >> that's right. >> if he confesses love for this other person, he's my soul mate, can somebody get past that? >> but the truth is, 70% of couples who seek counseling after an affair do make it and it often helps to have that outside person sort things and to keep the conversations focused on how do you rebuild a marriage, not revisiting -- >> and there are going to be stages. >> right. >> like stages of grieving after a death. shock -- >> anger is first. >> anger after the confrontation. what are some of the natural emotions to go through? >> i think, too, a lot of couples expect to get back to where they were preaffair. >> right. >> and that will never happen. your relationship will forever be scarred, so you'll never have that 100% trust level again, but you'll have a more realistic understanding of the person that you're married to. >> right. >> but if you don't have that level of trust ever again in your marriage, are you doomed? >> i think probably a little bit, because truly, what a marriage is, essentially, it's a
9:40 am
relationship that is based on trust and shared goals, and then the additional factor in a marriage, of course, is your shared memories and history. >> right. >> and for many couples, of course, that history includes children. so, it becomes a question of, is the history, the children, the marriage that you lived before have a powerful enough presence -- >> basis. >> -- and permanence that you keep coming back to it. and that's where you go into grief. you think the grief is what you've lost, and then you come into acceptance, where you realize, that isn't gone -- >> right. >> it isn't necessarily gone. >> it's incorporated into the story of the marriage. and so, couples that get through it have a sense of why this happened, what their partner was going through and the realize what's missing in their relationship and try to include it so that their relationship really is different moving forward. >> and what abt -- >> one of the couples in our story actually said that they felt their marriage was stronger because it allowed them to have much more honest, open and vulnerable conversations about what they both needed in the marriage. >> that's right.
9:41 am
>> than they had been able to do beforehand. >> what about bringing others in? >> well -- >> obviously, you need a good support syst, but how much do you tell your friends, your family? >> i think it's really -- it's very tempting to let your friends and your famil help you stoke the anger, but the anger isn't a reuseful stage. it's the shocking stage, and you feel like you can protect yourself when you're angry. >> right. >> ask your friends and family to comfort you and remind you that you're loved and spend time with you. >> right. and i imagine if you're trying to repair this relationship -- >> you may only want to tell people who support your relationship as well. >> because it's an important decision that can only be made by the two individuals in it, and it's easy for everyone to have outside opinions, but the fact is, it's a very personal, quiet path. it always is. >> right. >> and that's what it comes down to. >> all right, well, conversation to be continued. stacy morrison, robi ludwig, great information. >> thank you. >> thank you both. coming up next, five lessons every woman should have learned from heir grandmother, right after this.
9:42 am
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and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. >> announcer: "today's woman" is brought to you by tylenol. feel better, tylenol. >> this morning on "today's woman," five things every woman should know how to do. they are simple lessons that could save you a lot of money. the current issue of "self" magazine features an excerpt from senior staff writer erin bree's new book called "how to sew a button and other nifty things your grandmother knew." she's here with lucy danziger,
9:45 am
editor in chief. >> good morning to you. >> it's a you can do it book coming out at a time when people really have to do things for yourselves. >> it's about doing everything that's thrown at you and what we realized is that every woman aren't getting the wisdom of the ages sent down from generation to generation. >> how many grandmothers did you interview? >> ten grandmothers from across the country, all of whom survived the great depression and collected their most valuable wisdom, not just cooking and cleaning, but also entertaining and gardening and community and loving. they've been married -- all of them have been married for over 50 years. we have so much to learn from them. >> as you say, you have everything from how to darn wool socks to how to make a bed, how to knit a scarf and also how to make friends. and there's some really, really vely advice here. for example, value quality over quantity. it's not the number of contacts you have on your iphone that counts, it's the number of friends who will answer your call when you need them. so, this is exactly the kind of thing we expect to hear from our
9:46 am
grandmothers. >> that's right. >> exactly. >> and that's what you put in this book, but included in these are also some ideas, basic things like every woman, you say, needs to know how to sew on a button. >> right. instead of when you pop a button and you're going into a meeting, instead of thinking i should take that to the tailor or dry cleaner, we're going to save you time, money and hassle to show you how to do it. erin's threading it from behind. that's a key thing. you basically want to mark where that button goes and follow the lines of the other buttons. if it criss-crosses, follow that otherwise, go adjacent. >> i think most women figure this out eventually. >> we do, but i say sewing skips a generation. if your mom sewed, your daughter's going to sew. >> my mother sewed and i can sew on a button. this is yusef, really a delightful guy who likes when a woman puts on a tie for him. >> well, obviously, this is the kind of thing that men show each other, but one day, my child had to wear a tie to school and my husband was on a business trip, and thank god i knew how to do this. >> so, you went under. >> start from the beginning. >> i go this way twice and then go through. >> there are all sorts of ways
9:47 am
to tie ties. >> ah hah, okay. >> the step-by-step guides are online. >> show us your stuff. >> this is the easiest. we have the wide end 12 to 15 inches longer than the skinny end. cross it over and up through the neck loop. >> why can't men dress themselves? because that would be a lot easier. >> ask yusef. so, you swing the wide end to the left -- >> uh huh. >> under to the right. >> under. >> back to the left and up through the loop. >> and then you strangle him. >> yes. >> not too tight. nice, elegant, loose. >> and the most important part is telling him how cute he looks when you're done. >> okay, now yusef is blushing. yusef, thank you so much. you did a good job. >> nice job, model. thank you. >> all right, now, you hear -- >> how to hang a picture. now, this is a big issue because i do this myself but it's always too high, too low and you have holes in the walls. let's talk about how you should do this. >> it should be just above eye level, about 57 inches from the
9:48 am
floor. the key measurement is the top of the wire -- >> you've got to measure this. >> right. >> first figure out where you want it to hang, but then measure where that wire sits and use a hook. a nail at 45 degrees will usually hold, but a hanging hook's much better. >> yeah. anything above 20 pounds you want to use a hanger. >> and these guys are good because if you use a straight nail, it can come down. so these are good. >> basically, measure and put it in at a 45-degree angle, hope that you find a nice, solid wall. otherwise, you really need to use a drill and an anchor. >> okay. very pretty. >> 57 inches from the floor and then level it. >> okay. very pretty. >> so easy. >> how aut something that's extremely heavy, then maybe you want somebody to help you. now we get down to brass tacks, we'll talk about how to make a martini, something i don't know how to do. >> it's great drink. you have a party, you want a signature drink. you might offer wine and beer and a signature drink. this is a "mad men" kind of drink. >> nothing is more classic than
9:49 am
a martini. we'll add two ounces of begin gin in a shaker. >> and a grandmother taught you to do this. >> this is something with overmartin luther king that makes it go down a lot easier. >> full ounce of vermuth, okay. >> if you can't find this, use lemon or lime -- >> it's bitter. >> yes. then you stir it up -- >> you don't shake it? >> well, that's how james bond likes it, but this is a proper way. shaking it is much more dramatic. >> i would think more of the ice would melt with the shaking. >> yeah. might go down a little easier. take a liemon twist, rub it around the edge of your martini glass, toss it in, put your strainer on -- >> and there you go. and a toast to you. that's really pretty. thank you so much. the grandmother's wisdom in your book, called "how to sew a button." lucy zahn dig danziger, thank y much. >> cheers to grandmother. >> ion't know if we should be drinking. a toast at the aroma.
9:50 am
a toast to our grandmothers. coming up next, pasta made perfect, a classic italian
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ >> announcer: "today's kitchen" is brought to you by maxwell house. good to the last drop. >> this morning in "today's ski kitchen," a hardy pasta dish made simple. the "wall street journal" recently called it one of the three best restaurants of the year. >> that's right, and not too shabby for that, hot executive chef mays robbins is here to show us one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. missy, good to have you here. >> good to be here. good morning. >> "forbes" saying it's delicious rustic italian cuisine with a pinch of sophistication. i might add that we both love it. >> we both love it. >> thank you. >> so, we're making stratki and
9:53 am
fungi. >> yes, a nice winter dish. >> you make fresh pasta. >> twice a day, once for lunch, once for dinner. we started this morning -- >> is it hard to make your own pasta? >> it's so easy. it's eggs, water, flour. and that's it. >> boom. >> and you need one of these little gadgets. >> you can get them anywhere. >> and they're not that expensive. and 's a good workout, too. >> yes, i'm very muscular from this. >> and each time you push it through -- >> it gets thinner and thinner and thinner and the idea behind stratchi is they're very delegate. >> and they're supposed to be little rags, pasta. >> and they're rustic. once you have a sheet like this -- we made one earlier. you can use a roller or take a little knife and just cut. >> that's it. >> cut. yeah. >> now, if you don't want to make your own pasta, you can buy fresh-made pasta, too. >> you can buy fresh-made. let's go over and cook some. you can buy fresh-made, you can use the -- >> or the lasagna sheets and you can cut them. >> yeah, and i think there's plenty of great store-bought
9:54 am
pastas. i like making my own. there's nothing like it. >> true. >> but you can always do it. you want nice boiling water and salted. it's really important. >> when you make it fresh, does it cook in less time in. >> this will take 45 seconds. >> in no time. >> boom! >> and you always want to leave a little time for your pasta to finish cooking in the sauce. >> right. >> and it marries the pasta and the sauce and the pasta absorbs the sauce and -- >> so, this is the fungi part? >> this is the amazing part of the recipe. >> we started with oyster mushrooms, another easy mushroom to find in the stores, not very expensive. there's white garlic, olive oil, mushrooms and veal stock. you can use chicken stock. you can use -- >> vegetable stock, vegetarian. >> absolutely. then we just kind of finish it here with the good stuff. >> that's why it's so good. >> just a little. >> just a little. >> that's a little? >> here, you forgot e. >> just a little. just a little. and a little rosemary and just let it kind of, the butter melt in while the pasta's cooking and pasta should really only take 45
9:55 am
seconds. >> right. >> and boom, and you spoon it over and -- >> and we finish it up -- here we go. we can do a little -- >> fantastic. missy robbins. again, the recipe will be at our website, thank you very much -- >> thank you for having me. spoon it in. >> makes it even better. >> coming up on "today." >> "american idol's" fantasia barrino. >> and the new movie "leap year."
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> tonight on news4 at a 5, moldy problems in a washing
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it is thursday, january 7th, 2010. i'm hoda kotb, joined alongside piers morgan. i saw kathie lee yesterday. >> how is she? >> she's doing very well. we went to see this broadway with angela lansbury and -- >> any good?
10:01 am
>> amazing. >> how is kathie lee? >> she wants out. >> i know. >> she's pretty much over you. >> i actually enjoy being in her dressing room. >> what's going on in there? >> i found her knicker drawer today. >> you did not. >> yes. >> speaking of knickers, gerard butler, a photo is out, causing quite a stir around the globe. >> wait a minute. this is supposed to be him looking fat, right? that's my idea of emaciated. what's all the fuss about? >> we have another picture of gerard butler. >> that's the same one. >> that's the one. >> just a movie shot. >> that's his movie body and this is his other body. here is the question. when jessica simpson wears those high waisted jeans on stage after she had been in the daisy dukes, all the headlines screamed fat, horrible, horrible. in tabloids all around. >> that's the question. here is my answer. >> what's the answ? >> women love to bitch about other women. men don't bitch about other men.
10:02 am
no man looks at ger ard butler and thinks he looks fat. they think i wish i had a body like that. >> late-night comedians, men, all of them, had a field day with jessica simpson and all. >> i realize that. they do a little bit but it's a man/woman thing, this. men don't get together and say hey, you're looking like you put on a few pounds. lay off the donuts, big boy. that doesn't happen. you women are in a restaurant with your beadily little eyes going, look at the cellulite on be that one. oh, my god! >> a question for you, piers. you're laying on the beach and in front of you walks a very hefty woman. >> right. >> beyond what you said, you like 200 pounds. heftier than that. what are you thinking when you -- celebrity or not celebrity, just mary smith. >> i'm thinking if oslo will win their soccer match over the weekend. i hope i get into the water before she does. otherwise -- >> okay, you know -- >> that's a joke.
10:03 am
it's a joke. but seriously, men don't think the same way as women. all these magazines cater for women being bitchy. and about their friends. if one friend isn't there, they'll be, haveou seen what hoda looks like this week? she's put on one-tenth of an ounce. >> don't you think it's kind of nice, finally, that men -- you see some overweight pictures. >> jack nicholson. >> val kilmer. >> it's time some guys get some of that heat. >> jack mickleson, a six-pack of beer and ten boxes of pizza, and he has young women on either side of him and the biggest belly you've ever seen since marlon brandon and i'm going, i want to be jack. >> roseanne barr had her
10:04 am
moments. i found her quite sexy. >> she had arnold -- >> when i look at gerard butler i realize, because i'm a journalist by background, as you are, the movie picture has been air brushed within one inch of his life. he has never looked like that. that's not really him. no movie star looks how we imagine them to be. >> right. >> so it's a false god that we are revering, isn't it? >> that's a good point. there are two separate categories here, hollywood and just regular people. when people peel open those magazines and see a celebrity with cellulite, they like to see it because they think they're not perfect. look at her. she has my issues, my problem. >> we discussed this already, this idea that you have to be skinny as a rake and perfect and have your teeth done and the plastic surgery, all that kind of thing. i don't like that. >> smile. >> do you whiten your teeth?
10:05 am
you do. >> no, i don't. >> you do. >> no, i do not. >> smile. those are whitened. >> i don't whiten. >> where is your agent? >> they are as the lord intended. seriously. nothing on this is fake. i don't dye my hair. i haven't had boto x. i can frown. wrinkles. >> i still think your teeth are done. >> me and gerard butler are going out and we're the real men. >> do you use the crest white strips? >> i have once used those. >> we'll get to the bottom of this. >> you, to me, look like a natural perfect beauty. seriously, no scalpels. >> i haven't done anything. >> you look naturally beautiful, you see. >> aren't you ice? okay. i like him again. >> you actually sighed there, didn't you? >> yes, i did. a new picture is out on the front cover of "people" magazine, kate gosselin. remember her signature do, that funky -- what was it? it was an angular cut. she has extensions.
10:06 am
she's 34 years old, free from her marriage and will focus on raising her kids. >> i'm very pleased for her. who gives a monkey's cuss? who is this person? who is kate gosselin, seriously? look, frank sinatra, elvis presley, kate gosselin. why is this creature all over the front cover of your magazine? i mean it in a nice way, but why is she famous? >> think of these reality shows that are giving births to people that are big deals. they're not just getting 15 minutes of fame. "jersey shore," these kids are now -- everybody is talking about them. they'll be in the news for a while and then another, and another. >> the whole andy warhol thing, but it is here today, gone morrow. what i find fascinating about the gosselins, we're still talking about these people as if they're bona fide celebrities. they didn't do anything, they're not good parents, pretty useless
10:07 am
husband and wife. as far as i'm aware, they don't sing, dance, juggle, fire eat. on "america's got talent," what do you clowns do? answer, nothing. >> i don't know if we're breaking it here today, but david hasslehoff is leaving the show. he has had his share of trouble with alcohol and things. what's the story? >> i'm as shocked as anyone. i didn't know anything about this until last night. someone said david is leaving the show and i'm really shocked. i'm actually really sad because he and i were on the first season together. we have done four seasons before. i didn't know him before. i think he thought i was the devil incarnate from london. he is a crazy, loveable, endearing guy who happens to have starred in the two biggest tv shows of all time, "knight rider" and "bay watch" and apparently he has some big reality show with his kids, some
10:08 am
big thing he really wants to do. his real dream, i think, has always been to make his own show with his family. >> like a reality type show? >> he's so close to his kids. i would watch that. he's a compulsive guy to watch on tv. >> who is going to take his place,o you think? >> don't know. i don't know. i hear simon co well is desperate, but i'm not sure we want him. >> you are so bad. 30 seconds. swing it over to miss sarah to see what she has cooking over there. >> another tivo hd give away. >> we're giving away five? how many? >> five tivos. >> do they have to marry me again? >> are you asking me? i don't see a ring, but i guess that's your style. and say tivo for me, please, five will be selected at random. >> we give w free things on this show. this show is good. >> it's a fantastic show. we have a lot coming up. we will sit down with a wonderful guy, new romantic comedy coming out.
10:09 am
>> and he is a brit, wonderful young actor from my side of the pond. >> matthew good. we'll talk to him right after this.
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
that? that was a gift for my boyfriend. >> lots of suitcase. >> it's a vitton. >> what? >> louis vitton. >> is it yourself, louis? can i give you a hand getting into the car, louis? named the suitcase. she's a crackpot. >> starring one of the finest stars "leap yer". >> matthew good, plays declan. that irish accent, i'm irish. >> the end of my career right there. >> really, i mean -- >> first of all, why do you -- >> detail. >> why do you cringe when you watch clips of yourself?
10:13 am
>> it makes me feel physically sick. >> why? >> i don't know. it's just, you know -- >> i know why. >> could have done better. >> it's because you're massively hung over, isn't it? you told me earlier. >> as i said to you earlier on, piers, this could be the first live anal prolapse. no, no. >> no loss in that really, is there? >> "leap year," a young woman who wants to propose to her boyfriend on february 29th. it's an irish tradition, right? >> dreadful mistake. >> tell us about your role in this? >> surly innkeeper is the best you're going to get. a heartbreaker in this slightly mad lovely american ginger girl comes into his life and trying to propose to her husband on this traditional day. >> it's a moment that you have to decide -- >> just one? >> one great moment apart from your accent, and the great
10:14 am
moment is when you have to decide and she has to decide what you would take out of a building if it was on fire and you could only take one thing. >> you have 60 seconds. >> what would you do? >> i suppose child is a good place to start before dvd. child, dog -- oh, no, and the other half. >> wife? >> straight away, and then whatever booze you can handle. >> you're terrible. you do, by the way, have a young baby. a 10-month-old, is that right? >> we do, yeah. >> how is the little baby doing? >> it was a shock to the system early on. i'm not going to lie to you. but she's actually an angel and she's always sort of slept. it's amazing to me. people get really competitive over sleep. ours sleeps 11 hours. we hate you. >> what's harder, being a dad or making some grueling working in industry? >> yes. >> quite honestly, being an actor. but there's nothing worse than your ever half going off with the girls and you being left at home for five days. it's like i do adore you, but
10:15 am
this is still a bit dull for me. >> you shot that whole movie in ireland. what's that like? some of the shots are absolutely beautiful. >> i've been on a which i didn't really remember in dublin, rather like this morning. >> we're seeing a theme here. >> kathie lee scenario go iing here, isn't it? >> she's a lovely woman. west of ireland, it's mountains and the baby was 3 weeks old. the roads are so bad i couldn't get back to the airport. how is your day going? it's terrible. i'm an in ful place and i can't get home. >> what was it like working with amy adams? >> she's great. she's a firecracker. she obviously is a little too talented for her own good. but what's nice is that you can sit down at the end of the day and have a pint of guinness with her. >> you're very loose. >> kind of you to say. >> what does your other half think of you getting into bed
10:16 am
with someone like amy? >> she's all ght. she knows i'm almost firing blanks, so -- no, she's very good about it. i think she preferred it when i did "single man." i'm not that guy, by the way. hang an affair. you see the state of my girlfriend, i'm very lucky. >> really? >> yeah. >> what's next for you, hon? >> after this, who knows? it's done. i'll be in starbucks. >> matthew, thank you. good luck with the movie. >> thank you very much. >> "leap year" headed to a theater near you tomorrow. up next, the guy panel. >> they will tell all and you'll meet our contest winner in that group right after this.
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
they are back, our all-male panel of guys is here to give you ladies probing questions about sex and romance. first up is rick younger,
10:20 am
comedian, actor, husband, dad of a baby boy and chuck nice, who can beseen every week on trutv's "world dumbest." is that really what it's called? >> i'm not the dumb part. i'm not the dumb part. >> next andrew trees, actor of "decoding love," married with a 1-year-old son. with curtis stone out today, our contest winner, quinn cruz, who has been married 20 years. don't be nervous, hon. i know this is an intimidating group and i have a feeling piers will be here with answers more than questions. our first question from dawn. >> hi, my name is dawn. i'm from minnesota and i want to know, guys, why is it straight into bed? what happened to foreplay? >> very basic question. yes? >> well, think that you get what you allow yourself to receive. and if you're letting guys just jump right into bed with no
10:21 am
foreplay, en, you know, you have to say, hey, slow down. get off of me. and also, foreplay is anything that leads up to sex. guys, if you're listening, you need to start foreplay in the morning, fix your wife breakfast in the morning, say nice things, send her text messages throughout the day. get her ready so when you come in you can jump on her and say i already did foreplay. >> chuck? >> i don't know. this sounds like something she's going through personally. the game is four quarters long. i don't want it to end in the first quarter. >> evolution has shaped men to be more quick on the draw as it were. there are advantages for women. female orgasm is a sexual selection device, so she's trying to choose the good genes. >> really? >> what we hear in britain is that the american man's idea of foreplay is "are you awake, darling?" is that right? >> the british are noted as the
10:22 am
world's most -- >> oh, yes, we are. >> careful. >> just ask hoda. >> all right. you're going to be up next. i'm going to go to a question from rita from new york city. >> my name is receiita. i'm from new york city. and i would like to know why is it that men don't court women anymore? they've gotten away from that. women are calling the men and the men are getting away from courting the women and being respectful to them. >> you've been married a long time, 20 years. why do you think men don't court anymore with flowers and that kind of thing? >> i think it shows a terrible lack of imagination. i think when love is not in your life, then sex becomes more important. and i think that they just need to slow down and see the real -- the whole person instead of just going right for the date, you know. >> ooh, somebody -- >> good answer. >> somebody is getting loving tonight. somebody is getting lovin' tonight! >> what happened to romance?
10:23 am
we say that all the time. what happened to romance? where is it? >> i don't think we have romantic role models anymor i'm talking about guys young enough to influenced by what they see on television and -- >> would you give your lady flowers, chocolate, take her out? >> i do all that. i cook. one thing that's romantic as a father, i take care of my son, you know, and give her time to do things she needs to do. >> what about you? >> i am, but my fiance hates flowers and doesn't like jewelry, making her the most perfect fiance ever created in the history of fiances. i don't really have muchf a problem. i think you should be quite old-fashioned about it. what's happened over the last ten years? you open a door for a woman in new york and she says, what are you doing? shut the door! and marches through. same in london. women, as they've gotten more and more powerful -- and i'm more in favor of that, but they've begun to shun, a lot of them, old-fashioned values. >> guys are afraid to mess u.
10:24 am
>> a chivalrous guy, we really do. >> you have to hold off on physical intimacy to give time for that to occur. one or two dates is time enough to wait, you're not going to get courtship. >> what is your slam dunk way of seducing a woman? >> i married her. >> how did you do it? what was the single moment she said this is the guy for me? >> in lots of daily ways. romance can be small thing, right, if you care about what their day is like, ask them about things, show them who they are. >> we have to take a break. up against a hard break, but we'll come back and talk more with our guys right after this.
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> copping up today at mid day. >> the morning commute was a tough one for a lot of people. a police investigation and a fire added up to gridlock. good morning, also coming up on news 4 midday, the world's largest consumer electronics show gets underway today.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on "today" with our guy panel and, of course, the wonderful, gorgeous piers morgan. >> thank you, hoda. >> let's get to our next question from emily. >> hi, my name is emily. i'm from westchester and my question is, if men say they miss chatting with you, how come they never call you back? >> good question. >> they miss chatting with you but they never call you back? >> yes. and? >> because the check is in the mail and the reason why i
10:31 am
couldn't make it is because my dry cleaner closed early. and i love you, i just have a problem with commitment. i mean, come on, lady! what's your problem? >> you guys lie is what you're saying? >> come on! >> s, yes, sometimes. or maybe he's giving her an opportunity to, you know, put it in her court. hey, i miss chattinwith you. well, call me sometime and she never -- >> can i tell a secret? men don't really like to chat too much, especially on the phone. women can talk for hours and hours. most men i know it's like hi, how are you? you're good? great. see you tonight. women, how are you? two hours later, they're still telling. we don't really behave like that. it's not really being rude or disrespectful. >> what if she likes it? would you do it for her because she likes it? >> that's what best friends are for. that's why you have kathie lee. i'm there for your physical needs, kathie for your chats in the evening. >> quinn, what do you think? why do guys do that?
10:32 am
>> well, i think that they probably -- maybe want the woman to take charge. sometimes my wife can be very bold and tell me exactly what she wants. quinn, strip on the bed because we're going to do it. >> all right, sir! >> yes, sir! all right! >> quinn, you've silenced the room with that one. >> she can call him. >> she can call him, all right. >> and if he doesn't want to talk, he doesn't have to. >> let's go on to jamie. i think she's from illinois. >> that was good. >> i'm jamie from dunlap, illinois. i want to know why guys cannot pick up after themselves. >> slob, slob, slob. what is wrong with you when it comes to that, in that department, the cleaning up? >> if somebody doesn't pick up after themselves perhaps that's the way they grew up all their lives. so, talk to their mother. >> i think the sad thing is that guys just don't care. my wife and i had this argument where she looks around with kids' toys everywhere.
10:33 am
doesn't this bother you? no, not really. it doesn't bother me. >> my other half has the answer. you leave it there. after about three weeks, any guy will go, okay, we have a problem. i can't get into my office because there's a million clothes lying on the floor. eventually, we do do it. >> sometimes women, they rush. like i come home sometimes i want to take my shoes off and chill for a little bit and my wife is -- that's why my shoes are there. she wants to move the shoes immediately, you know. but then i'm probably going to come back there to the couch and put the shoes back on to go back out again. so i'm like, they're right where i want them. >> i agree with you on that. >> my mother us to do this. i do not leave things around, my underwear around. when i was a teenager and i did that, my mother threw my underwear away. >> are you serious? >> i'm dead serious. >> he has no underwear. >> right now i have an unfurnished basement as we speak. no. >> thanks, mom! >> but, honestly, at one point i got up and i didn't have any underwear at all and i'm like, what happened to my underwear?
10:34 am
and she was like, well, where did you leave them? and that was the end of that. >> let's move on. we have a woman named ming jon from south korea. let's listen to her. >> hi. i want to know why do men take so long in the bathroom? what do you do in there? >> wait a minute. >> think about what a guy might be doing that take that is long. that's what he's doing. >> no, no. here's what i'm saying. don't think about it. it's none of your damn business what we're doing! that's what i'm saying. why do you need to know what we're doing every single day? leave us alone! let us do what wa we do? we don't knock on the door when you're in there. baby, are you okay? what's that buzzing sound? we don't do that. >> come here, chuck. it's okay. i won't let them hurt you anymore. maybe he's planning his escape. i don't know. >> like to read. >> you like to read? >> that's where i go to read.
10:35 am
>> andrew? any thoughts from the scientific perspective? >> i would just rather not discuss it. >> we have time for another one. let's go to nola from philly. >> my name is nola. i'm from philadelphia. my question for guys is why is it every time you ask them a question, they can't make up their mind? they're indecisive. their answer is always, i don't know. whatever you want to do, you know. you pick. >> she hit a great point. >> really good question. >> genius. >> i don't know about you guys, but i'm really not sure what the answer is. >> ding, ding, ding! >> see? >> how about that? where do you want to go to eat and you don't know. >> we want you to be happy and we want to have the right answer. we figure if we put it back on you, you'll tell us what the right answer is. >> but we're also happy with the decisive man. >> my wife is good at things like that. she's like, ricky, this looks nice, doesn't it? and i'm like yes.
10:36 am
stop giving us multiple choice, you know. >> all right, guys. we've got to go. thank you all. you guys are hilarious, by the way. so much fun. coming up next, "american idolis singing a new tune. >> we'll catch up with fantasia right after this.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
in 2004, fantasia walk ed of the stage at "american idol" and landed on broadway in "the color purple." >> she also managed to make "the new york times" best seller list all before she turned 25.
10:40 am
>> supporting a family of six, she heads back to school while juggling her music career and we get to watch it all on her new v vh1 show called "tfantasia for real". >> it was like a fairy tale but at home things were getting crazy. i was taking care of six people. >> what do you say, dog? >> nobody ever says thank you. >> and i just felt like everybody was pulling me in different direction. >> fantasia. >> fantasia! >> fantasia! >> there it is, fantasia. >> w whchhew. >> one crazy family you've got there. >> yes. >> how real is this reality show? >> very real. >> really? >> i told them we don't work well with scripted. as you can see i have a very loud family and i said just leave the cameras on and you'll probably catch the best things when you do it that way. >> a lot of people who do these reality shows end up with not intact families afterwards.
10:41 am
we saw jon and kate and some of the others. >> we have a very tight family. of course, we believe in prayer. when things get out of hand, we're just like anybody else, we have some times. but when things get too out of hand we come together, end up having a little praye singing a song, eat good food and tend to forget about it. a lot of things happened in my world '08 that wasn't going so well. >> a real roller coaster. >> yes. >> you came from not very much to start with, you then became this huge star on "american idol" and then it all went a bit pear shaped in 2008. now you're coming back again. you've really had a pretty traumatic up and down career. >> yes. i don't know, i guess my life will always be that way and i'll always be a young lady to tell a testimony or encourage somebody and say it's not easy out here just because we're in the limelight. we go through things. it's only came to make me stronger. >> what are you hoping that people who watch this show will take away from it? >> i want them to know that regardless of what i go through,
10:42 am
i'm always going to be a fighter. you can never shut me up and you can never sit me down. you know, i'm going back to school. a lot of young people out here who has dropped out or still in school and thinking about dropping out and maybe this isn't for me and i want them to know that schooling is very, very important. >> you gave a lot of money -- you supported your family, basically. and sometimes supporting is great. it often is a great thing. and sometimes it turns into enabling. >> yes. >> where your family doesn't feel like they have to carry their load. you experienced some of that, didn't you? >> oh, yes. i created a monster. that's what i did. you're giving, giving, giving. and they just expect for you to always do that. on the show i'm making a change and it's not very easy, doing that. >> how is your singing? you have -- as david hasselhoff would have said, the most amazing set of chops i've ever heard in my life. you have got an incredible voice. >> thank you so much. >> when are we going to hr more of the voice? >> i'm working on an album right now. it's been three years. i'm slowly working on an album. this year it will be out and i will be on stage. >> in "the color purple," there
10:43 am
were rumors. i never heard of them until i read the note. >> really? >> they were saying you missed 50 shows and they weren't pleased with you. >> yeah. >> what's the real story? what happened? >> the best way to clean that up is i'm back on "the color purple." when you're working with people like scott sanders, who is a producer, miss oprah winfrey, and alice walker, who wrote the story, their names and money is on the line and i don't think they would have invited me back. >> is fame and success and fortune, is it all it's cracked up to be? >> no, it's not. it's tough. i just love to sing. i tell people, all the hype, the money, it's not about that. it's just i just want to sing. i just love to sing. >> how has fame changed you, though? you're different, obviously, than you were. >> i've grow you know. i guess it has changed me a lot because i went through a lot of dramatic situations, from feeling like people had my back and everything was all good but i've changed in a way where now i take hands on with my career. >> you certainly do. look at the thing on that hand. >> what is that? >> it's a butterfly.
10:44 am
>> unbelievable. >> it would go beautiful with what you have on. >> it would, wouldn't it? thank you so much for stopping by. good luck with your show. >> thanks. hoda looks forward to this part of the show the most. >> oh, i know what it is. it involves things like that, right after this.
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
now on "today's" call of the wild, the national wildlife federation would like you to resolve this new year to be out there, by getting your kids to connect with nature. >> and so the nwf has brought some backyard critters to terrify hoda beyond her wildest nightmares. >> i promise you won't be terrified this time. before we get to the animals, american kids are spending so much time indoors, by the time they go to kindergarten, they've watched 5,000 hours of television, enough hours to earn
10:49 am
a college degree. >> always inside on their playstations and stuff. get them out there. >> it's a 2010 resolution to get kids back outside with all the great benefits. >> let's start with the owl. >> you can actually discover amazing animals, eastern screech owl. this species of owl you can see outside. >> does it screech? can you have her screech? >> they don't make sound on cue and they make kind of a whinnying sound. >> i work with something like that smaller creature called sharon osbourne. >> so bad. so bad. >> they make a whinnying sound. >> what do they eat? >> rodents, small birds and things like that. if you practice your observation skills, you might be able to see an animal like this. speaking of observation skills, these are called stick insects. i'll have you hold this little
10:50 am
one right here. >> this is called kate moss. >> when your kids get outside and practice their observation skills, that something kid that is spend their time inside don't do, you might find amazing insects. they live in north america, go outside and find these but you have to get your kids outside. >> they move? what's the story? is it live? >> this insec here doesn't reproduce. i thought kathie lee would have something to say about it. piers it's up to you. >> don't need males? >> they can mate with males but the females can reproduce and clone themselves. this little guy or girl is probably a clone of one this size right here. >> hang on. how do they clone themselves? >> it's called parthenogenesis. they don't have to sexually reproduce. >> that's worrisome. can it happen with humans? >> no. >> i can see hoda having a real problem with this, right? >> all right, piers. >> this little guy here is an
10:51 am
american toad. i remember as a kid when i was growing up i could go out on a summer night and find these guys. if you drive around american neighborhoods nowadays in the summertime, there are no kids. kids are not allowed to play outside. childhood obesity is on the upswing. all the research shows that kids who play outside have better immune systems, more physically fit, better eyesight because they're not staring at a computer screen. >> doesn't he look like donnie deutsch? my love rival for hoda. that's why i said that. >> your kids can experience outdoors. the next animal here as he hops away. >> a turtle. these are good animals. >> box turtle, hallmark of american youth is getting to go outside, find turtles and other critters. >> you look so uncomfortable. >> no, i love it. >> giving her the animals. >> you do not love this. >> i know. i wish i did. >> they need vitamin d, sunlight
10:52 am
in order to procehere i'll help out. >> thank you. >> there's a vitamin d epidemic, vitamin d deficiency, because kids are not outside. >> how fast can they run, these things? >> that guy -- >> they actually go a lot faster than you might think. he's not proving me right here, but at any rate -- >> that's fascinating. >> this is a turtle that can be found in your backyard. just have a natural yard, no pesticides, let the grass grow. >> your point about getting kids outside is a good one. a lot of parents are afraid, giving what's going on in the world and stuff like that. >> it is true, but your kid is much more likely to say encounter a sexual predator on line than they ever are playing in their backyard. that's a great point. 2010 resolution, we're hoping parents will dive in and say we're going to make it a priority. we do have one last animal. >> what is it? >> cobra snake. >> ooh, look at that. >> thiss not a wild animal. i share it because -- you can pet him. this is acorn, a domestic
10:53 am
rabbit. they can be a great way to give your kids a first animal experience. other animals i've shown you, that you might find in your yard when you're being outside is wild animals and shouldn't be made pets. this guy is a great example of an animal that is domesticated. rabbits don't make great pets for little kids. they require a lot care and can live 10,2 years. >> fascinating. >> we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we did say piers' fiance was coming today but there's snow in london. hopefully she'll be here tomorrow. >> her first two planes were both canceleded. i know the nation is awaiting her arrival. so am i. >> they're waiting, sarah, right? >> yes. this is a good question she missed. patsy wants to know when you're married, is watching porn cheating?
10:57 am
>> no. >> a leftover man panel question. hoda, what do you think? >> i think yes. >> don't be ridiculous. you're being too prudish. honestly, every man does it. get over it. >> honestly? >> yes. men are very basic creatures. >> tomorrow, zach levi will be with us, plus "american idol's" katherine mcvee. >> and ambush makeovers.
10:58 am
10:59 am

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